Listing Not Correct


Hi everyone,

I just noticed something quite strange on my listing.

The price on my listing is not the one I have on my seller central and It appears some other company (WowBoxMe) is selling my product.
On the other hand, the listing says I have only 02 left in stock when in reality I have way more than that.

Does anybody know what`s happening?

Warm Regards



The 02 quantity will be the Wowboxme stock


Ok. Thanks

However, I still don`t understand why they appear as the seller instead of my company


because that is how amazon works. Whatever the listing is for, WowBoxMe are proclaiming to also have stock of this to sell.

It is not your listing - anyone can in theory apply to any listing, though some listings can be blocked by the brand owners to new applications. Who wins the buy box then is a mix of price, shipping time, locality etc.

If you believe that WowBoxMe aren’t selling the product on the listing, there are means to report them, and if it is a product under your brand - you might want to look into Brand Registry as well.


Thanks for your reply @osgood

What about the price?
WoxBoxMe is selling my product for £10.99 and my listing price is £11.16.
How does that work if somebody buys it? Will WoxBoxMe get my product for £11.16 and they in turn will sell it for £10.99?
I don`t understand the mechanics!

Please note that Mesa Foods is my own brand



Provided the customer clicks Add to Basket when WowBoxMe have the buy box - they will get a notification to ship that order.

They will receive £10.99 for the product minus any amazon fees. They will ship the product to the customer. You will not get anything.

There should be a box on the page that links to other sellers - where can find your offer for the same product.


Click on that - you’ll find your offer.


WowBoxMe are on that listing selling what are supposed to be a 1kg bag of Mesa Peanuts. If that is impossible because you don’t wholesale or distribute then they will be selling another brand instead of Mesa.

You could do a test purchase to see then report to Amazon along with images of what you have received, order number etc.


If WowBoxMe has to ship the product, they will need to buy it from me. Hence, I will make a sale.
Is that correct?


I found my offer, thanks.

However, from a customer point of view, they will always go for the cheaper option which is in this case WowBoxMe.

I still don`t understand how this thing works



Well in theory, if you are the only seller yes. But 1) you shouldn’t be fulfilling amazon orders from another amazon seller anyway, and 2) they’d be stupid to lose £1 on every sale.

Is your barcode from GS1? Its possible that WowBoxMe have added to the wrong listing of course. I only ask as it looks from camelcamelcamel like the barcode is incorrect.


Thanks @Betsy

I`ll do a test purchase


Hi @Betsy

Do you know how to open a complaint ticket with Amazon?

Warm Regards


can you block people from selling your product if you are the brand owner?


I have same problem, we sell vodka if my price is not lowest it shows somebody else’s offer first even on my storefront that I paid for to be created


If its your brand, your first question is where are they getting your product from I suppose.

However, if they’ve purchased from a valid supply chain, have the valid invoices, there’s not really a lot you can do.

If you believe the product to be counterfeit (and this could, for example include buying your vodka from a shop and selling it as new) you can perform a test buy and then report.