Listing not offering a delivery to customer address


upon uploading a item, i am noticing that on the customer sales page, there is no
option for the customer to add to basket, it just said ‘we cannot ship to your address’
i wonder if this is because i want to post myself rather than fba?


Are you checking with a UK postcode ?


yes I am checking with my UK home address.


Whats the asin ?

Is it an fbm offer on your inventory - with stock ?


If your offer is FBA, you are not allowed to buy it and ship it to yourself.
That’s probably what the issue is.


It should still show as available though (mine do) but just not allow you to add it to your basket


Your right. It should indeed.
@101karen1 You need to clarify a little as to exactly what your trying to do here.

Is the offer FBA? If it is, is the inventory actually active, rather than in FC transfer etc?
Is the address you have on Amazon currently (top left of the screen), a UK address?


thank you all for your kind comments and help… not sure , think will have to contact support , unfortunately; could just be because is a new listing, but weird that customers cant check out. thanks anyway though. have a great day.


Tbh, you’re better off with the help here
Did you want to share an asin ?



thank you for your help is it much appreciated, so as far as i can see from my screen, the item is listed correctly, however there is no option to purchase or add to cart, this leads me to think that amazon would prefer me to send into for fba rather than post myself, however i hear so many people saying that amazon loose the goods they send in, i think i am better off posting in person. could you please advise if you can see any shipping options from your screen , this would be a great help to me, many thanks.


are you savingsavvy ?


hi yes, thats me. !


in that case you are on the ‘see all buying options’ button
you are not eligible for a buy box , presumably as you have 100% negative feedback or because you have not got a ‘good sales history’


i have only ever sold 2 or 3 items. anyway, so how do i progress moving forward, or dont i …?


that depends
if your ODR went above 1% when you got that feedback, you will have lost BB eligibility
you may unfortunately never get it back

However, I note you are on the individual selling plan which also means no BB option

Try to upgrade to Professional selling account to see if it give BB, otherwise you do also have the option to sell as FBA instead, this should allow for the BB


rather than spending more cash, (just starting out) and have stock to move. from what i am taking from from (sorry new to this) is if i send items to FBA, this may proove to rectify the issue of no buying option for potential sales, please correct me if i am wrong. therefore, should i pause my listings for now until i have sent them in, because customers will move away if they cannot purchase on the sales page.


they can purchase them , they just need to click on the see all options button



hi, just wanted to say, thanks, clicked upgrade and listings are now live, you are a star. x
I guess now i just need to sort out how to get seen and do some promoting, !
Thanks again The_Little_shop