Listing on Amazon Seller & Amazon Handmade


New to Amazon Handmade… will my products be included in searches on both Amazon Handmade and the main Amazon pages?


yes but like any marketplace, it needs constant tweaking and worth going through Amazon seller university to familiarise yourself with what you need to do to get customers to find you.

At the beginning you will be buried in the main Amazon catalogue but because the handmade section is a bit more specialised and less congested, the idea is that this will improve exposure to your products.


Hi I am trying to add handmade products to my Amazon account, I am using a supplier from the Syncee app so I don’t actually make the products myself, these are genuine authentic items made in the country of origin, Amazon support just keeps sending me help links & they don’t help. Can you actually add items from a drop shipping supplier that makes their own handmade individual items with out bar codes or GTINs to Amazon or am I just wasting my time…. Thanks frustrated !


This is from Amazon Handmade’s help pages:
"* Products must be designed and produced by you, your small group of family members/employees (20 or fewer is preferred).
The following options are prohibited in Amazon Handmade:

  • Outsourcing of product production"


If you are using someone else then they are not handmade by you, The idea of a handmade product is that you are dealing directly with the producer.

I don’t think their would be an issue with the brand owner doing this, but you cannot outsource handmade products, you have to be responsible and understand exactly what the specification is


I know handmade must be made by “ME” but i buy items and repack them into packets, does that count


No, that just means you’ve repacked them
Handmade is exactly what it says


thanks a lot for the clarification