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I started selling on Amazon UK around 10 years ago, with a connection to Amazon germany, italy etc which all automatically sync. As a lot of my items are personalised I started listing on Handmade more recently but the handmade items don’t sync over like the other listings do. Does anyone do this, or sell to other countries through handmade?


Yes. You have to do each listing individually, in their own language. You are also expected to reply to messages in their own language.


But my normal Amazon listings get translated and listed automatically, I wonder why not handmade?


It was set up differently to offer customisations but now anybody can add that option so we may get translations some time.


from the ‘handmade’ help page

Does the Build International Listings tool work with Amazon Handmade listings?

This option is not available for products in the Amazon Handmade category.

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