Listing Variation rule change?


I’ve been selling a product with 3 variations for over 2 years now with no issues, then out of the blue about a month back I received a Policy Warning email from “listing-evaluation” saying that my listing had been corrected and the parent listing was deactivated leaving each of the three variations as standalone.

This listing is a simple fitness product that offers customers the option to choose from three subtly different options reflecting colour and related resistance level (ie the strength of the material). Often customers will purchase more than one variation in an order as they can be used together for different types of exercise. I believe these to be true and valid variations of the same product and listing them separately actually degrades the customer experience (not to mention sales).

On contacting Seller Support to find out what specifically was deemed a violation I don’t think they ever properly read the message and despite follow ups I could only get a copy and paste reply that either provided the listing guidelines (which I think this product complies with as all three variations the product dimensions are identical and I have been careful to ensure that parent and variation product details are identical) or the guide for creating variations!

When I re-created the parent with variations being careful to ensure that everything other than imagines and price were identical it was deactivated again about a week later.

On doing some research I can see that some other sellers in my category that I know used to have a parent listing with variations are also now separate, however others are not.


  • Does anything in my description above sound like it violates variation guidelines?
  • Is anyone aware of any recent rule changes re. variations, and if so what are they?
  • Are there any listing “gotchas” that are not easy to spot that would cause this?
  • How do I have a conversation with a human to work out how to fix the situation?

Thanks in advance for any help!