Listings active but not showing on storefront or search?!


Hi everyone, I’d love if someone could help! I currently have 23 active listings in my inventory, but only 7 showing up in search or on my shopfront. They are not suppressed or unavailable. I have checked all relevant attributes are listed and the listing date is set for a past date.


It’s a common issue at the moment with handmade.


Not just handmade

I was looking at my competitors storefront the other day. The product that I went via of theirs isn’t on their storefront


Beginning to think they see us as bug/beta testers for any changes, rather than pay for their own.


I also have the same issue, most of my handmade listings is not getting seen at all, no sale ranks since listed back 2017-2019 - I have one surpressed that I can see has no missing info so I updated it (twice so far this year) and is still surpressed. So, NBPhotography could be correct, the bug/ beta changes.

I checked 86 listings from private window and can only see 9 listings and these are from general and not handmade.


Thanks for letting me know, I am trying to contact Amazon about this issue currently.


It’s so annoying as I feel like I’m losing out on potential sales and I don’t think that’s fair.

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