Listings deactivated due to customer complaints that used book sold as new. Please help


Trust me guys it is happening across a lot of different things not just books.
Looks like the bots are screwing up again. I had one removed for a used comment.
But I have had no returns, no negative feedback, nothing,
Cannot reason with a bot?


The bots didn’t screw up for once with the book seller he was listing books as new when they had came feom private sellers so they are second hand so he can list them as used but new like condition which he has been advised to which he is doing so hopefully no more problems


True, in a way he’s lucky because (with a lot of work) he will be able to get it sorted. But what about when you can’t find anything you’ve done wrong?


Oh I just received this, even more depressing:

Dear Seller,

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time.
Why did I receive this message?
You have not sent us sufficient information that we previously requested from you. We requested this information to address the complaints we received about the condition or description of your items

For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods.
What happens now?
Your listings will remain deactivated and we may not respond to further emails about this issue. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may deactivate your Amazon seller account.


Thank you all for your thoughts and advice.
I will resubmit my appeal and will change all new listings to used like new. Birdboxview1 sorry to hear your situation.
When I first started selling on Amazon and did not realise the strick rules I did not send 2 books on time (1 day delay ) and they suspended my account.
It took about 5 appeals to get through to them and a lot of help from fellow Amazon sellers.
Try and stay strong.
I sometimes feel like I m emailing a machine and not a human. Its really difficult to get through to Amazon.


It appears that they are not asking for invoices in your case.

I would focus on issues that may have caused the buyer to feel that they were receiving an imperfect item and step that you can take to eliminate this.

Typical issues can be :-

Variation from product images. Is it ‘organic’ with a natural variance from one piece to the next, eg, wood finish, paint colour, varnishing etc. Do your images truly reflect the reality of what the customer receives?

Handling and quality control during storage and prior to packing. Are your items thoroughly inspected, is it possible they are getting scratched and dented/dinged and this isn’t being picked up by your packers?

Quality/inspection of packing. Do you have a standard packing process, have you documented drop tests do you have cross-inspection of packed items to ensure presentation and finish quality before shipping?

I’m not saying any of these things are a problem, but they are areas you can flag for improved or robust performance to Amazon to answer customer quality issues based on what you suspect the customer may have experienced, if that makes sense?


Thats very helpful Peter thank you .


Thanks Peter, very thoughtful comments.
We are a husband/wife team, no employees so we do every stage of the preparation ourselves, Keith handles each box in his workshop, adding windows and camera and checking the finish before bringing them to our packing table. As we pack them I check that there are no rough bits he has missed and we have a set routine as we pack to ensure nothing is missing and that the boxes are properly filled. However it may be that Amazon will need reassuring of our personal control of the preparation so I will include the above and promise to be even more careful not to make any mistakes in future!
Also your helpful reply got me thinking about things I do and there is something I realise that I have done a few times that may have sparked the complaint - when I am labelling boxes for the mail I can realise from my spreadsheet that, due to the average cost being borderline between two postal bands, we can save money by substituting a less heavy box for one we have already processed on Royal mail and stuck a postage label on (the boxes are weighed when packed as weights vary up to 150g, due to environmental factors). I then carefully peel the label off the first one and place it back in storage. The fact that I will have relabelled it over slightly roughened cardboard when finally posting it may have been visible to this customer. Who knows? I won’t be doing that in future anyway and I will explain this in my next (4th) attempt to appeal!
Thanks again for your thoughts on this
I will let you know if I get anywhere with the next appeal!


Very best of luck!!!


I second that.

Never read is not the same as new.

It’s the start of a slippery slope. It’s not read but the pages are toned a bit. It’s not read and the spine is a little out. It’s not read but the dustwrapper is a rubbed a bit.

Even worse are the sellers who become defensive when you put in a return on one of those books.


If it’s come from the publisher or distributor or wholesaler, it’s new. If it’s come from a private collection, a charity shop or even Waterstones, it’s not.


Exactly the same thing happened to us in the run-up to Christmas with a brand new metal sign that we have sold for years at around £6. The customer gave no reason why they thought it might not be new, but they had previously returned it because they didn’t like it and we had already sent a full refund, so were very shocked by their accusation. Amazon deactivated the listing and also removed the premium shipping option from ALL of our listings for 4 weeks. Just before Christmas. Perfect!

Like you, we were told to jump through hoops and provide a detailed action plan etc to re-instate the listing. It simply wasn’t worth the time and effort for a £6 item so we withdrew it from Amazon completely and continue to sell it happily elsewhere, including a well-known “auction” site where it achieves a higher fixed price than Amazon ever did. We’ve reported the malicious “customer” and blocked him from buying from us ever again.

It’s disgusting that Amazon can treat it’s real customers (ie the business sellers) so badly and demand action plans and confidential business information without requesting a shred of evidence from the person making the accusation of selling second hand items instead of new ones.

Come on Amazon, you need to rethink your policy on this issue.


We had one last week, they closed an ASIN as they received a complaint item was 2nd hand. They want all this plan of action rubbish and 365 days worth of purchase receipts blah blah blah. My reply would have been very succinct ‘we do not have any second hand stock so therefore we cannot have sent any second hand stock’

Seeing as the item is not a big seller I cannot be bothered, so whether it was down to over zealous Amazon bots or a malicious buyer I do not have the time or energy to resolve it. It does amaze me though that we had been selling that item on Amazon for about 6 years without one single complaint or return and just one issue arises and bang they shut it down.

Selling on this platform is such a difficult and frustrating experience !


Hello @jackandjimmy,

As per the information provided I understand that you want some suggestion on writing an effective plan of action.

The books which you will procure from the manufacturer/supplier directly are considered as "NEW", if you are procuring the books from private individuals then those are not considered as new. These books should be sold under "USED" condition so that the buyers are not misled.

Below are some suggestion which will help you to write an effective plan of action:

Root Cause:

Along with this point write in detail why did you list the books which you got from an individual in NEW condition? Did you check the policy of amazon before listing these products?

Refer to the below link to understand the product condition policy:


Corrective Measure:

Mention the same in the appeal along with the immediate steps which you have already taken on the account to re-categories all other ASIN correctly.

Preventive Steps:

Above mentioned details are more reactive but as a part of preventive measures, you need to provide proactive steps which will avoid these complaints in the future.

1 - What proactive steps will you take to ensure the books are sourced from a reliable suppliers?

2 - Give detail description of change in the packaging which you have implemented.

3 - How will you ensure Amazon that the courier service you are using are handling your products correctly? If not, then what will be your steps against them?

4 - What steps will you take to ensure that you are shipping the correct item to the buyer?

Focus on the above points to make your appeal effective and make sure you have implemented those changes and then send the appeal.

You also need to send the invoice of the given ASIN, below are the requirement:

1 - Invoices must be procured with in last 365 days.

2 - Must have your supplier details.

3 - Quantity in invoices must reflect the sales volume on Amazon selling account.

If you have invoices then kindly submit it along with the plan of action. If in case you do not have the invoices, mention in the plan of action as to why you do not have them.

Good Luck,


I too sell books. In my opinion there is a difference between “new” and “as new” . I buy many books from charity shops and many are in “as new” condition, not read (easy to notice if a book has been read or not) and in great as new condition. In addition many “new books” that one say buys from Waterstones, even if new many have bumped corners etc. If amazon think “as new” is equivalent to “new” they should not have that option for sellers to use.

Best Regards



I had similar problems with a customer as mine had a sticker mark on the seal (it was a DVD in my case ) basically Amazon Seller Support will make you jump through hoops but i will tell you what i did and it was the only way i got the listing reactivated , it may not be the best solution but at least the listing was reactivated , i described the item as Like New and in the Product Information column i described about the sticker mark on the seal.

Hope this helps


In this context, the difference between New and Like New as far as Amazon is concerned is that for books (or any other item) listed in New condition, they may require you to supply an invoice from your supplier. That supplier cannot be a retail outlet, charity shop, auctioneer or private individual, it must be either the manufacturer or an approved wholesaler/distributor.



Amazon have the like new option because if you list a book as new and then you have a problem with it they will want proper invoice not a receipt from charity shop or waterstones


Feeling much less alone with this problem thanks to reading others’ experiences and congratulations on having the sense to back off on this before Amazon’s crazy policies got you tearing your hair out as I was yesterday!
I am interested in how you tracked down the malicious customer to get them blocked - we have no idea who it was that did the same thing to us.


You can’t block customers on amazon like Ebay I’m afraid


Gosh it doesn’t take much to get deactivated does it? I think I know what happened now although I still haven’t been able to locate the customer in order to block future orders from them. Sometimes I get a parcel prepared for post with barcode label etc, then the customer cancels it last minute. Because we sell a lot of the same thing I put it back on the shelf with either the label peeled off (takes shine off the brown card box) or left on for the moment. When we get another order for this item I will re-label. I can only think the customer could see the edge of the old label and decided on that basis that it was not new! We live and learn - from now on I am re-packing every box this happens to, it costs 40p to discard a cardboard box, much less than to lose my listing!