Listings deactivated due to customer complaints that used book sold as new. Please help


Amazon have the like new option because if you list a book as new and then you have a problem with it they will want proper invoice not a receipt from charity shop or waterstones


Feeling much less alone with this problem thanks to reading others’ experiences and congratulations on having the sense to back off on this before Amazon’s crazy policies got you tearing your hair out as I was yesterday!
I am interested in how you tracked down the malicious customer to get them blocked - we have no idea who it was that did the same thing to us.


You can’t block customers on amazon like Ebay I’m afraid


Gosh it doesn’t take much to get deactivated does it? I think I know what happened now although I still haven’t been able to locate the customer in order to block future orders from them. Sometimes I get a parcel prepared for post with barcode label etc, then the customer cancels it last minute. Because we sell a lot of the same thing I put it back on the shelf with either the label peeled off (takes shine off the brown card box) or left on for the moment. When we get another order for this item I will re-label. I can only think the customer could see the edge of the old label and decided on that basis that it was not new! We live and learn - from now on I am re-packing every box this happens to, it costs 40p to discard a cardboard box, much less than to lose my listing!