Listings have no result in main search, only handmade category


Hi people,

Ive been on handmade for 7 months now and sales have been frankly dire so i haven’t paid it much attention as i manly sell on etsy.
(when i say dire, in the last 7 months my amazon handmade sales have totalled £650.00, the same listings on etsy have totalled just over £48,000.00!!)
Thought id have a nosey today and do a bit of seo etc to see if i could start to grow my handmade sales…

So i turns out that my listings are only visible in search if the customer selects “handmade” from the categories. even though for my primary long tail keyword there is only 3 pages of results, my listings are simply not displayed for what is my main search term and best performing keword.

As a customer i just do a search, i never drill down categories to find a product that i want to buy. if i get to the end of search results i presume thats all there is, how does the customer know there’s more products that match their search but hidden away in the handmade category??

Beginning to think handmade isnt worth the effort if we’re basically hidden away in a corner!


I always thought handmade was still visible in all categories - at least it should be.
There have been several issue with searches recently but apparently have been fixed
I’m not sure on the fee differences but if its a difference between sales of £650 and potentially thousands, maybe list it in the main category and see if that makes a difference

I still list my personalised goods in the main category rather than sign up for handmade so maybe someone who sells in handmade can confirm the searches issues


Surely search results should be from all categories, i dont have to select furniture category to search for a table!!

The reason i list on handmade is because my items are truly handmade and therefore have no registered UPC to list on main category, i take it barcodes are still required for non handmade?


Completely agree with you which is why I mentioned the search issue that was problematic last week . Although that seemed to affect all but paid for searches

You can apply for gtin exemption in general catalogue but obviously with the need not to have it for handmade and the lower fees, handmade clearly has its advantages


What was the issue with search laast week?
Ive really not paid much attention to amazon due to the miserable sales volume, this is my first time on the forum

So in main search the term “oak mantel beam” renders 114 results, none of them are mine

select handmade category the same search returns 17 listings, the top ten are mine!

the only way i can find my listings in main search is to search for my business name, i need to do some serious work on brand awareness to make this viable!


We have a friend who sells in handmade, I’ve just found their store and copied and pasted an item title of theirs. In handmade it comes straight up as number 1 listing but search for it in ‘all’ and its not there at all


That confirms it then, obviously we don’t deserve a chance in main search!

What a waste of time.

Thanks for your input, i’ll see what seller support have to say about it in the morning


But I agree, it shouldn’t - I’m sure you are supposed to get the same amount of exposure

Really hope someone from handmade can clarify @Jessica @Nancy_Amazon
(I believe Nancy is the handmade mod)


So seller support basically fobbed me off with “you are competing with other listings, its down to sales rank etc etc”
There is very little competition for my product, basically one other seller with comparable products.

I think my only option here is to give up with the handmade thing and apply for ean exemption, which is ridiculous as handmade is absolutely the right place for my product!

Ah well, i’m not going to waste too much time flogging this horse tbh, i’m too busy with etsy sales!


We are still having the same problem with our products, especially SFP. Even paid campaigns were disappearing when we filtered by Prime. We thought it was down to the glitch but it hasn’t improved since it was supposed to be fixed.


I’m in Handmade and my items are showing up in the main search. No problems.

I had your concerns at the start about how visible Handmade is. I agree, there is still an issue there, but my items have - over time - appeared higher and higher in the results.


I wouldn’t have a problem being poorly ranked, ranking comes over time.
Problem is on phone with SS andshe said “I can see two of your listings on page 4 for that keyword”
In the real world: There’s only 3 pages being displayed to the public!!!

Her response was: yes we only show a certain number of pages :man_facepalming:

I’ve had more productive conversations with my dog


Some items do and others don’t appear under the main “All” search when I do very specific searches for my items (i.e. one where’s there a few pages of results rather than 1,000s). I have no idea why. I do have a case open with support to look at a few examples so I’ll see whether I get any reasonable response out of them.


I do agree. My bestselling items do now come in main search. It is possible but it does seem to relate to who/what else you’re up again. It drives me mad so I try not to think about it too much now.


I can handle competition, but I need visibility to compete!

As a customer, if I searched in all categories and there was only two and a bit pages of results (110) then I would never get to the end of those results and think there’ll be more results if I choose a category

I choose a category to Reduce the number of results, not find additional hidden ones!

If I get to the end of search results in all categories then as far as I am concerned then I’ve seen all the results for that search!

I just don’t understand amazon’s logic, surely they want to make money from my sales, so why hide my listings?

In 6 months amazon have made themselves fees on £650 by hiding my listings away in handmade only, those same listings have netted etsy fees on £50K of sales in the same timeframe!

Don’t amazon want my money??


Hi @ChorleyOak. I have just searched “oak mantel beam” via (‘all’ selected in the search bar) and I see 3 listings on the first page.

Your “120cm Solid Oak Mantel Beam …” is showing on the 3rd row, far right.
Directly under it is your 110cm version and under that is your 100cm one.


Lol, wonder if that has anything to do with the open ticket i have!!

SS left the conversation with “i can see your listing on page 4 but we dont display all pages” and “but i’ll pass it on to handmade to check if there may be any browse-node problems”

Now the results have magically doubled in a couple of days, so either somebody has been busy making product, or results for that search just wasn’t being displayed in full!

Thanks for the heads-up, lets see if sales pick up a bit now that i can actually be found!!


You’re very welcome. The products looks great, so I am confident you should do well. Good luck.


Thank you, they do do very well over on etsy with a fraction of amazon’s traffic so there’s no reason they shouldn’t at least see modest sales here, now that I’ve seemingly been let out of hiding!


I’ve been selling on here for 4 years. Honestly, if you try to understand the search it will drive you mad. I’ve managed OK on here though despite it all. I used to sell double on here compared to Etsy and since the pandemic and new people discovering Etsy, Etsy is now my best but Amazon isn’t too bad.

Even when I’d sell several thousand £ worth on Amazon a month, I’d still rarely be able to find myself in search but clearly other people were!