Lithium batteries


Seen the announcement?

More hoops to jump through.

6 weeks notice is not helpful.


It shouldn’t be too difficult to comply with.
Manufacturers should have these in place anyway, so it will be just a case of downloading and the passing to Amazon.

I gave up with Lithium batteries myself. Far too much hassle and too little profit.


Agree but when they are expected as part of your product support it lets your customers down. Finding someone to deliver a loose lithium battery is pretty much impossible.


does anyone know if this applies also to lithium-ion batteries?


yes, UN 38.3 is specifically targeted at both Lithium AND Lithium-ion batteries.
This is the most up-to-date version I can find without spending too long looking: Link
(published in 2016)



Does anyone have an example of a test summary for a mobile phone or tablet? We’re trying to understand as much about this as possible before the changes implemented.



Hi, please can you send me the announcement, I am new and was hoping to sell these batteries too.


It’s a relatively straight forward process. We just asked our supplier for a copy of the certification and they sent it through straight away. We’ve now uploaded it in Seller Central and waiting for the confirmation that we’ve complied.


There’s a link in the home page of seller central. You can find it there.


Does this include the small coin type Lithium batteries used in watches and small electronic items? Seems a different risk profile to something like a laptop battery


“In addition, any units of this ASIN in our fulfilment centres may be disposed of at your expense.”

Great. Another excuse for Amazon to “steal” items and then resell on Amazon Warehouse Deals… er… I mean… dispose of in the correct manner


Does anyone know if multiple battery types can be in one report for the 38.3 requirements ?


Yes, it’s ALL lithium batteries.

@Your_Mobile_Repair I very much doubt it.
Contact your manufacturer for the information required.


Would you be willing to share what you received from the manufacturer and advise if seller central accepted this? (Although I imagine it will take them a while to get back to you). We want to familiarise ourselves with what we need to be requesting.

Thank you!!


I will, but please let me see what SS say. I would hate to provide the wrong information.

That being said, my supplier knew exactly what they were looking for so it should be okay. It sounds very much like standard certification.



Have you received a response from SS?



As yet, we’ve received no reply. I’ll update the thread though as and when we receive a reply.