Lost Parcel UPS and Amazon


Can anyone help me

UPS collected a parcel on 1st June, it was last tracked at Preston on 2nd June. I have called UPS and they have advised they are classing it as ‘lost’ and i need to contact Amazon. I called Amazon and they advised as it hadn’t reached the fulfillment center i need to contact UPS, i called UPS back and they said they have a partnership and agreement with Amazon and the complaint needs to be initiated by Amazon.

I am getting passed back and forth and have no idea what to do next any support is appreciated.

Thank you


Dont forget support are useless.
Responsibility for lost shipments,wether at the FC or on route to the FC, is Amazons its in their terms for the Partnered Carrier program.
Your shipments are insured by Amazon for up to £2000 per item.

Contact the MD managingdirector@amazon.co.uk


Thank you so much i dont get then why Amazon are saying they cant assist i dont know how to move this forward as i have spoke with them like 6 times today and each time saying the same, i agree its Amazon but i dont know how to escalate or move forward? thank you though ! at least it clarifies things!

Have you put the bit about contacting the MD? do you think that will help?


I would not give up hop. I suspect it is not lost. My UPS man says they have a huge build up of parcels. Pallets and pallets all lined up that Amazon are not able to take. They are charging Amazon per pallet to store it.

I am finding some deliveries are taking 7+ days to be delivered.


Hi there, we have the exact same situation, UPS collected Monday 1 June and no tracking since it hit Preston on 2 June. Like you, we have spoken to both Amazon and UPS regarding this issue tonight and being passed backwards and forwards. Going to speak to Amazon again tomorrow but would be interested to know how you get on with this. Sounds like there is a build up of parcels stuck at the Preston facility!!


Thank you its been 15 days now since any update but i am just getting worried as it seems no one is bothered or will take any ownership i pray it does turn up! thank you


I am on a facebook page and two others have reached out to me to say the exact same as you just have! one lady has 4 parcels weighing 70kg she said so not that easy to misplace! i am hoping that they do turn up and there is just a back log but the lack of ownership is really frustrating me ! i will keep this post updated if i get anywhere i have logged a case with Amazon (for what its worth) and emailed the MD as russ suggested see if i get anywhere from this! Good luck to you and hope yours getting sorted, keep me posted too if thats ok?


We are also having issues with items stuck in Preston.


What fulfillment centre is it? We had one dispatched on 2 June and only today is showing as delivered to the fulfillment centre (MAN2).

Apparently the backlog is massive.


yes, so much so that UPS stop taking parcels from the like of Parcel2Go etc last week. We still able to ship with them as we book directly with them.

Some of our FBA parcels, all different centers, some have been delivered like next day and on shelf but some have been more than a week. I think we just have to be patient for a bit longer and chasing SS is not going to do much either… just wait till day 20 then chase again. Hopefully the backlock is going to clear down soon.


its a nightmare isnt it!


Manchester fulfillment (Man2) also were you able to see yours on tracking though? mine was last scanned at preston on 2nd June!


I have pulled in a favor and spoken to Preston Depot and a lady called Jenny who works in that department, and has said they have a backlog that they are hoping to work by Friday. If any one hasn’t heard by Friday we really need to push UPS with this he said the more people the better! i have already drafted an email.

Hope we all get our parcels sorted!


We are in the same position. Shipped 11 boxes on 1st June, last scan in Preston was 3rd. One box was delivered on 4th June, so 10 are missing. These were all going to Manchester.

Tried calling UPS but they won’t look into as said it’s on Amazon account. Tried again today but UPS just cut us off.

Also we sent anther 12 boxes yesterday by UPS bound for Amazon East Midlands fulfilment centre and they are now in Preston. Spoke to UPS this morning about it and they have they have been sent to the wrong hub. With all the problems at Preston I am not holding out much hope that they will arrive any time soon


I contacted Amazon last week to see if we could send replacement stock in for Fulfilment by Amazon now. We sell DVDs and I am currently fulfilling orders myself for many of our titles. They said they are still only accepting essential items but I’m wondering if this is correct having read all the comments above?


Hi, we received the below response from Amazon.

As per the email received, I understand that your concern is regarding Shipment ID: XXXXXXX wherein the shipment has not been delivered yet. Let me assist you.

In this regard, I have checked the latest tracking details in our internal tool wherein it is updated that “The package is being held for a future delivery date. We’ll attempt to deliver on the date requested.”

As I can see, you used partnered carrier to deliver these shipments, you need not to worry about the delivery of the items as the delay is because of COVID-19 pandemic and units will be delivered as soon as possible.

Further, please know that it takes up-to 14 days post of the delivery date to process the units and update them in your inventory and also to update the shipment status.

Waiting until 14 days (counted from the delivery date) would help ensure that the products in your shipment have had sufficient time to reach the appropriate fulfilment centre, including your products that need to be re-shipped to other locations in order to be closer to customers.

Please know that it’s very important to receive each and every unit of all the shipments of all the sellers which arrive there in order to avoid any future discrepancy.

If you still find any discrepancy in shipment contents after reconciliation date, you may request an investigation into missing or unexpected items in reconcile tab directly.


Please see the help page mentioned below for more information:

Reconcile your shipment


I know the corporate drill. We are not reposible, they are responsible. and other way around. Like hitting birck wall no matter which way you try to talk to them. Customer service is a wall of protection for corporate bosses draining everbody from money and energy and time. They have adnaced PHDs in Time wasting. Just take them all to court


Ring UPS Preston depot asked to speak to the manager?? 01772 456789


I had the exact same when I had one go missing a few weeks ago.

I told Amazon that UPS had said we couldn’t put in the claim as it was on Amazon’s account, and they then spoke to UPS themselves and processed the claim.


Been through this exact situation.

Basically the Amazon seller support team in India don’t have sufficient English language ability to understand this and will tell you that you can’t report an item missing until it arrives.

Eventually you will have to contact the executive seller relations team on the MD email address. Someone who can speak English will read it, inform the clowns in seller support what they need to do and you will get it recorded as lost.

Seller support are actually that bad now I am about to stop using FBA, obtain my own storage again and ship all my own inventory at a greater cost to me, just to avoid dealing with them