Lost Parcel UPS and Amazon


Thanks for your reply @Allure_Glow_Ltd. I haven’t had anything but it looks like things are opening up though given the problems everyone seems to be having I think I might wait a few days before I try to send stock in. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. Sent a box off to (Man 2) on the 5th of June and still nothing has been delivered.


Ours went into Received in the early hours of the morning, so there is hope for everyone :slight_smile:

Tracking still says that it’s at Preston though.


Amazon are dealing with the backlog now. It is impossible to create new labels to send anything in.

When I called the told me

  1. I was doing it wrong
  2. I needed to wait 24 hours for the labels to generate
  3. They have a technical problem and I should wait.

I suspect they have turned something off to deal with the backlog.


Hope so. I sent in a box to MAN1 last Thursday, still in Preston.


I called Leyland UPS depot and spoke to Sam who said Kevin deals with all the amazon stuff. They have a massive backlog which they are aware of with many containers waiting to be processes. I have 27 boxes destined for manchester which are held there. She told me they were putting extra labour onto this at the weekend so dont hold your breath. Perhaps you should all call them on 01772456789 and keep on at them.


I would strongly suggest NOT doing so. Would you like to be constantly interrupted while you are doing dispatch with courier arriving in the next 30m but still got a pile to do and they must go out the door today? That is what i kept telling Amazon when they calling at 1415. Call me back at 1630 then i will have time to talk.

Anyone having issues with UPS inbound shipments?

Hello Everyone
I’m in the same boat. They lost my parcel and they kept asking me to send the original invoice to further their investigation.
I’m a wholesaler so I sent in my VAT invoice. Please advise what they meant by sending the original invoice.
Their response:
Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I do understand you are concerned with your shipment.

We have been unable to validate the invoice you provided as a result it can not be accepted for the investigation.

Due to this we must ask that you contact your supplier and ask them to provide a original invoice for the stock on your shipment.

We do require a copy of the original sales invoice for the stock to continue with the investigation.


Its not a Pro-Forma or Commercial Invoice is it?


I sent the pro-forma too, but declined because it was in MS Word. I only have the VAT invoice in pdf so I’m not sure what they meant by sending the original invoice. Thanks


I have two parcels stuck at Preston too from the 12th June.
I’m losing sales now and guess who is picking up my lost sales…!


The supplier invoice that got your business name on… format is not a problem but PDF is preferred.


Thank you. I will try that too.


We are in the same boat -
Shipped on 11th June, arrived on the 12, and stuck at Preston.
I sent an additional shipment last week - also now stuck at preston (I had not seen this thread unfortunately!)
Has anyone tried sending in by another Carrier? Is the problem just with UPS?


Waooh… parcels out for delivery today, 19 days after being stuck at Preston!
This has happened the day after I sent details of the shipment to Amazon through a case ID.
Probably take another week to receive!


Does anyone have their parcel stuck at UPS Stanford Le Hope? Anyone know if there is a back log there? My parcel arrived there 22nd June but tracking hasn’t updated since.

I sent a twitter message to UPS but got what appears a cookie cutter reply “It’s lost, contact Amazon”. I’ve read that UPS often advise it’s lost, only for parcel to eventually arrived at Amazon. Is that the case, is there still hope for my parcel?


Ive got one stranded at Stanford le hope since 30 June. Has yours moved on yet?


Just had one of my shipments completed with only 300 units out of 800 received and processed.
The rest have been sitting at UPS since 23rd June with status ‘held for future delivery date’.

Any advice if i should request reconciliation immediately or continue waiting?


Mine finally arrived at Amazon. In total, it was stuck at Stanford le Hope for 18 days!


Mine been stuck since the 9th of July

I sent 2 packages on that day, both going to the Coverty Distribution Centre, 1 got delivered the following day, and 1 has been stuck since the 9th.

Just frustrating, that it is pending