Lost returns via Amazon Prepaid labels


Hi all, we keep having parcels going missing when customers use Amazon pre-paid labels to send goods back to us. As far as I can see this is a requirement of the SFP program and cannot be opted out of. The issue is that when Amazon refunds the customer, I raise a SAFE-T claim, but get told that I have to contact the courier (usually Evri) to try to get a claim submitted. We have no business relationship with Evri so can’t get any help, and the customer who’s been refunded has no incentive to assist us. The goods are simply lost and we have to accept this which seems grossly unfair. Am I missing something or is this really the way the system works (or not!),… Thanks, Paul


Nope that is the way it works. There’s a growing amount of threads now on the subject - but in essence, you are supposed to claim via Evri if the parcel is lost.


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As you can see , this is becoming a major problem for many sellers

Why are amazon using Evri with their widely reported problem with returns
Especially as insurance for loss is only for £20 and SFP items will be over this


Thanks for your input - it’s terrible.


And of course the fact there isn’t actually a defined claims process and after 6 months or more, no-one seems to want to define one. Not sure how many more times we have to ask @Winston_Amazon


Claiming via Evri? LOL


I claimed with Evri. Asked me for a detailed manufacturing cost sheet. Sent it over (I am the manufacturer). Said it was unrealistic to sell that that price, I wouldn’t make enough money if I sold at the price stated and closed it lol. What else am I supposed to do? Small claims? Moan on twitter?

If you lose my parcel it should be the law that you have to instantly refund me and PROVE it was delivered if your tracking isn’t showing it. Why I have to have the burden of proof is frankly stupid and only helps them create barriers for people to claim their own money back. I know for a fact that most of us here shrug our shoulders do a little bit of time math and say f it it’s not worth the hassle to claim and suck it up.


I thought the customer got an automatic refund on the first scan of the returns postage label, but I’ve received a couple the past few weeks - one via Evri, one via Royal Mail - that have been left up to me to refund. Has Amazon’s policy changed or are the returns just not getting scanned?


No change that we are aware of. I suppose a parcel will occasionally in theory go all the way through without being scanned is all.


Im with you here - i had a £429.99 coffee machine returned (Sold as USED - GOOD - Returned as it was Used…!!) - They used the Hermes prepaid £3.25 label to return it - from Northern Ireland to UK - Lost in transit - and refunded by Amazon as customer raised A-Z Claim - no Safe-T Claim, no appeal granted… I emailed the Director and never received any response at all. Fuming!


You need to exempt your over £100 skus from the automated returns


Great advice - thank you - i didnt know you could do that!!! Ill look into it now


Do you know where to do this? I couldn’t see it



You can request exemptions from prepaid return labels only for SKUs that fall under the following categories:

  • HIGH_PRICE: High-valued items where the price exceeds GBP 100 that need special shipping (for example, items that require special shipping insurance)

The exempted SKU will be validated against the ASIN price and item condition across Amazon and the exemption reason code HIGH_PRICE (where item price is greater than GBP 100) to ensure it is rightly used. In addition, only active SKUs will be eligible for exemptions from APRL.
For more details, go to Request exemption from prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders.


Thanks again


That’s really helpful advice, thanks so much!



The return of goods under UK law is that its the buyers responsibility so technically you can take the buyer to SCC. however in the case of amazon they have arranged the return so technically they have assumed responsibility for it. this is another case of 1 of the things that amazon says is in its T&Cs but is not upholdable under law. Evri will not and can not under law talk to you the seller as its customer is amazon so to disclose details is a breach of GDPR and as all couriers T&Cs are the same its the customer that has to claim (amazon)

If amazon refuses to do so then as far as my understanding is you need to take amazon to the SCC


That’s not correct under UK law while it may be in amazons T&Cs its another case of amazon thinking it can do what it wants and supersede the law


my returns are being delivered somewhere in the city of London I am in Northern Ireland Amazon tell us to go to Evri, Evri tell me only the company who booked it (Amazon) can make the claim the Safe-T claims dismissed.


90% of my refunds yesterday and today were not auto refunded interestingly. i have to hit the refund, and a nice amount had the Tick box to remove the return postage costs