Lost returns via Amazon Prepaid labels


Ive also had a couple parcels not refunded on first scan.
Now it could just be a coincidence - but both parcels had originally paid for a Premium delivery upgrade. So I am assuming for these cases Amazon are not refunding on first scan because they do not know whether or not to refund the premium delivery upgrade cost.
When it is a remorse return I do not refund the Premium delivery cost


For anyone who generally sends higher value (as defined by Amazon as £100+) products on Amazon, the “request exemptions from prepaid return labels” option suggested by @The_Little_Shop does seem to be the way forward. In typical Amazon fashion it’s buried in the absolute depths of Seller Central, and seems to have several iffy instructions and non-existent links, but with a bit of patience and a few guesses it does appear to be possible to upload a SKU list that will be exempts from this fairly inadequate program that’s been forced on all sellers. I’ll try to update the thread as to how successful or otherwise it seems to have been, but many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to answer, your help is greatly appreciated.


It doesn’t think it, it knows it. Amazon have created a problem that didn’t previously exist, just so they can claw out a further percentage.
My last three customers can’t print a returns label, they find the returns process v confusing & have no idea that for a change of mind postage can be deducted from the refund.
It’s also a possible sticky issue with HMRC , forcing a business to accept a third party service, which is what Amazon are doing, is taking away autonomy of running that business, it’s also anti-competitive practice.


Not just forcing, also saying it can only claim from EVRI max £20 so massively under insuring items that some sellers are saying valued at £200+

as far as I can see from the wording of the law you can take amazon to court for it


I agree with the £20 comp being a problem but don’t have any experience of rtns going missing. I have claimed with EVRI for lost items using Amazon Buy shipping by contacting EVRI directly. Twice in a month andboth cases I received the £20 limit plus the £2.95 back.


Well indeed, we don’t sell items under £20, the majority are £50-100, so basically they’ve forced us to accept an innappropriate service. I don’t know who thought this up, or why it’s such a crass one size fits all low value item solution, it’s so obviously inept, and it’s clearly unworkable even at first glance.


How are you going to feel when it’s £99 and Evri don’t feel so cooperative? We could presumably have been given the option to specify a returns provider, but our hosts don’t like us having those sorts of options. This problem would be solved very, very simply with a tick box and drop-down on the inventory listing page, or even the return carrier auto-used based on the purchase price, ie auto value insured returns. Apparently that’s far, far too joined up and competent for our hosts.
So for over £100 exclusions, you know how have to keep a SS with relevant ASINS/SKUs and update this each time you list a new item - Amazon love creating bureaucrasy.


Playing a bit of devils advocate here but all couriers will only insure and refund your financial loss. This means your original purchase price (ex VAT) and not the selling price. So at a guess, £20 would probably cover most items on sale under £35 (by the time VAT and Amazon fees are taken out)

I agree though, this is probably not good enough for a lot of people and there should be a way of improving the insurance. Royal Mail Tracked has £50 insurance I believe so perhaps Amazon should use that when sale price was say over £40 as Evri only offer £20


I agree, the system has many flaws and for sellers who predominantly sell products up to £100 it’s a massive problem that requires addressing. Specifically for us though, probably 95% of our products are over that value. The bureaucracy is tiresome but we’ve been selling on Amazon long enough to (reluctantly) understand that it’s either their way, or not at all. Hopefully if enough sellers complain there is a chance the system will be improved. TBH it’s a similar situation with selling via Prime. You get a choice of three couriers, all of which have limitations and frustrations, but that’s what you’re signing up for.


Its even worse FBA believe it or not. For a non return / missing return, scamazon ‘invent’ the sale price and THEY tell YOU what the item is worth… Your 17.99 sale that they refunded the customer (in full of course), when it gets lost THEY tell you that its only 8.99… That’s all they give you.


Also there is an option in “Buy Shipping Preferences” to :

"Purchase delivery labels with declared value equalling the value of the item(s) in the package:

For all packages
For packages with a value greater than XXXX

It’s not too easy to see how much this will affect the shipping costs but may be an option?..


Unsure why you assume that wasn’t the case with my losses. I said I received £20 the orders lost were for a lot more. Which have also been delivered and I have the photo proof. EVRI still paid the claim. Which was my point - the OP said they were told to deal with EVRI but have no business relationship with them. Nor did I but I got paid twice. So I can’t comment about “EVRI not feeling so cooperative” just what I have experienced.

As I said though I do think that we should be able to insure to value.


i see the mods are ignoring this thread, somebody swear to get a reaction.

its obvious that amazon and the mods have absolutely no interest in helping us with this problem.


I doubt the mods can change policy - however ill-conceived that policy is.
Whoever came up with the policy (and I’m assuming it’s someone senior) is clearly failing upwards. The old procedure of return request, issue a label or reimburse the customer their costs (if the supplier was at fault) seemed to work reasonably well, it was not something a customer ever complained about. There is a lack of transparency for customers with the new system re potential deductions from any refund, and of course it’s a huge disadvantage for MPS, and just so clumsy - not that our hosts ever seem to give that any consideration.


Apologies - from your post I’d assumed your losses were covered.

‘Insure to value’; really that’s a no-brainer, I have absolutely no idea why it wasn’t baked in when this was even an idea on a whiteboard.


I’m tempted tbh, but tbf the mods have no control over Amazon policy, it’s broke, it’s very broke and it’s not being fixed anytime soon by the looks of it.


Hello dear Sellers!

Together with @Winston_Amazon, we are collecting the information on this topic and we need your help.

In case Evri advised you to contact Amazon to get the refund or there was no reply - can you please provide us with the tracking IDs and brief summary of the case? (feel free to contact us by DM if you prefer).

I will copy and paste the same message to other related threads to reach everyone who would like to share the data with us.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Maja

I have read the Amazon/ Royal Mail Online Postage Online Terms and Conditions

Please could you advise the following:-

  • For Royal Mail Services, a Postage Label will expire at 11.59 p.m. on the Working Day after its purchase. A Postage Label will expire even if it has been downloaded and/or printed. This means that an Item must be posted by no later than the “Post by” date stated on the Postage Label. You may, however, claim a refund on any expired Postage label (even if the label has been downloaded and/or printed) where permitted by clause 5 below, and provided that the Postage Label has not been used to post an Item.

If the postage label expires as above then when the buyer has initiated a return request how long do we have to wait for the order to be returned before we can close the request?


Hello BM5!

I would need to check it with the internal team. I will send them your question and get back to you once I receive an answer.



Thanks Maja

I could send you copy of the terms and conditions if it speeds things up? We did raise a case also but wasnt resolved.