MAN1 - not accepting from UPS


Sent a shipment here a week ago and it is still showing as waiting for Amazon to accept it from UPS.

I’ve sent three others since, all to BHX4, and they’ve all been received in 2-3 days. It really annoys me when they give you a centre where they won’t accept the shipment from UPS within a reasonable time. I’m kicking myself for not scrapping this one now and holding out for a different centre.

UPS Delivery held

Everywhere is the same - sometimes stuff goes in within a couple of days other times its 2 - 3 weeks. Its pot luck.


It doesn’t make much difference which centre you send it to.
All the centres are affected sometimes. I’ve had one waiting a week to be unpacked at MAN1 (half the shipment processed, other half still waiting for a delivery slot)

Sep 24, 2019 01:32:00 PM - Manchester GB - Special delivery arrangement requested by the customer which may delay shipment

On the other hand, I’ve got shipments going in to BHX4 where newer shipments are unpacked days or weeks before older shipments to the same centre.


Where I’ve had delays in the past it was usually after UPS have actually delivered the parcel but Amazon had not updated the shipment to show it was received. I’m more concerned with this one still being with UPS after a week. Well, 8 days now in fact. Why allocate that centre for a shipment if they’re not even going to allow the courier to deliver there?


As an extra kick in the teeth, I sent a shipment to LCY2 at 11am yesterday. It’s already showing as checked-in and received.


Unfortunately, it looks like this is a common issue now as you are not the only one having a difficulty getting your shipment accepted:


If the place is full or even near full, why on earth are they asking for more stuff to be sent there? I’m wondering if it is worth trying to have UPS return it to me so I can start again.


I opened a case with SS about this. Apparently …

"I understand that your concern is regarding the shipment ID: FBAxxxxxxxxx which has not yet been delivered to MAN1.

Upon checking I see that shipment arrival is scheduled to MAN1 on 2019/10/04 01:00 BST - 2019/10/04 01:30 BST "


We’re having the same problem with MAN1… collected from us on 23rd September, out for delivery 24th, then ‘This package is being held for a future delivery date.’

The latest update was on the 4th October with the same message repeated. SS are just saying to wait another week before they can investigate.

Have yours been delivered yet?


nope… ours still waiting as well… 2 parcels sent on 22nd Sept


No, still no delivery on mine despite two separate promises from SS with delivery dates and times on the case I opened with them.

It is two weeks today since I shipped my parcel to them. Terrible service.


I still waiting to… Parcel siting in ups warehouse since 24.09.2019


Seems to be a bit of a pattern developing here with all of us sending 23/24 September.


Has anyone have any updates on this? I also send a shipment on the 22/23 September that is still stuck as ‘Special delivery arrangement requested by the customer which may delay shipment’. Contacted seller support but seem to be getting different answers. Was told to wait till the 8/10. Now its past that I’m being told to wait again… Its a bit worrying!


I have been waiting nearly 3 weeks to get stock delivered to BHX4. The carriers keep getting told that they are not accepting freight. They have 10 full vehicles ready to go.


nothing at MAN1 but BHX4 is ok; ours go via UPS.


Had the same update around the same dates, the boxes were finally accepted yesterday, and were unpacked earlier today.


Thanks! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer then. I might avoid MAN1 in the future if possible


Had one accepted at BHX4 overnight - never any problems here for me. Still waiting for MAN1. God knows what state it will be in when they finally get it.


Same here… sent packages on 23 September to MAN1 and still waiting for delivery.

I wish I had seen this thread earlier… I have gone around in circles with seller support and UPS thinking it was something to do just with my parcel!