MAN1 - not accepting from UPS


Ah right, my apologies to Onemore and Kika then. I assumed you were just re-opening the same case like me.


I have been for the last 2 weeks, but when they state they are withdrawing support, there was little other option than to try a new case.


Has anyone contacted the Managing Director’s email over this issue yet and had a response?


My latest reply from seller support was (this seems to conflict with what other people are being told!!)

Thank you for writing to us with more details on the update request.

I have investigated the details and understand that there has been delays in Shipments being received at the fulfillment center. We have contacted the fulfillment center and they have informed that this is due to the peak season the Shipments are being sent and the teams are working continuously to receive and add inventory as soon as possible.

Shipments cannot be directed to other FCs are also busy receiving and inventory from Shipments. The shipments are aligned with FCs basis the type of product, size, category etc and hence specific FCs are aligned.

We have already notified the FC and they have informed that they are working double to add all shipments as soon as possible before the festive. We request your understanding and co-operation while the teams are working to providing a resolution on Shipments as soon as they can.


This is what I received on my case from an Amazon employee at MAN1 who was blaming everything on UPS:

"We’re accepting this PO every time it shows up on our schedule, it is just
not being delivered. Can confirm this through seeing the PO on two separate ISA’s scheduled that;

One of them, the PO was not delivered and was later virtually deleted off as
it had never been received at MAN1, the second appointment was a no show and never arrived to site.

MAN1 currently has a very low backlog and can accept this at any point - it
is not a MAN1 rejection issue. "

So they’ve either got a “very low backlog” or they are working “double” because the place is so stacked out?


Yes. They are apparently looking into it, but still nothing happening, and still the lies keep coming from seller “support”.

Today they say this:
“Good afternoon,
There are daily deliveries coming in from UPS. We would like to highlight again, that you make the arrangements for delivery and not Amazon.
We are closing this now, as we are not able to further support with your request.”

Despite the fact that I booked this through seller central. Amazon have requested the parcels be held at the depot, not me. As UPS have confirmed, they can’t take any instructions from me. They can’t return the parcel. They can’t let me tell them when to deliver them. The instructions have to come from amazon.

Amazon say it’s up to me.

The entire thing is a joke.


Quite obviously, some at seller “support” don’t have a clue what they are saying.

Apparently it’s up to me to request UPS deliver the parcels to amazon, despite the fact I booked them through seller central and UPS won’t deal with me as amazon is the customer.

Worst customer service, I’ve ever experienced.
No idea if we’ll ever see or be reimbursed for this lost stock.


What insurance comes with the Amazon/UPS shipping service? I think I’d be considering putting in a lost item claim at this stage. If UPS aren’t going to deliver it and won’t return it, what do they plan to do, assuming they have not in fact lost it.

I requested a return on mine from UPS last Tuesday and it has still not come back. Still at the Manchester depot apparently, although no one can say why.


It gets better. I chased up why my parcel has not been returned yet with Interparcel. They say:

"I do apologize, but the destination depot has advised that there is no way they could possibly retrieve the package to return to shipper as this shipment is meant to be delivered to Amazon Fulfillment Centre.

Due to large volumes of packages, they accept our deliveries only on certain set dates and in bulks. At the moment, we are no longer able to get this parcel back to be returned."


It’s a total joke.
Again today.
"Dear UPS Customer,

Thank you for your response. I sincerely apologize for any frustration this situation has caused.

Please be advised that Amazon is a third party company that uses UPS as a courier. They will be the one to provide the information on when they want the parcel to be forwarded. Please be advised that UPS is not working with Amazon.

Again, we recommend that you contact them since they are the shipper and they have an agreement and contract with UPS. This is why we are following their instructions.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Reniel D.
UPS Customer Support"

"Please arrange the delivery with ups, amazon is not rejecting any load if the carrier does not want to deliver to amazon please ask ups to return your parcels and select another carrier to deliver to amazon


Juan M.,
Amazon Network Operations Centre (NOC)"

Both say I have to sort it. Both say I can’t sort it.
I can’t request them to be returned, delivered, or refunded.
UPS says they won’t move until Amazon tell them.
Amazon say it’s not even their job to request this (inexplicably)

Looking like ombudsman or legal action might be the only course of action, does anyone have any advice about that?


Have a look at the UPS tracking for yours - mine has just changed to out for delivery!

" Scheduled Delivery


Estimated Time

by End of Day

Ship To


Shipment Progress

|Current Event|In Transit|18/10/2019 11:41|Manchester, United Kingdom|Destination Scan|


One of mine has changed to “Out for delivery” which is something. Same happened on 24th September as well though so I’m not holding my breath and the others are still in the same special delivery arrangement…


How many parcels do you have outstanding?


2 in this situation.


How many parcels will you be sending to MAN1 in the future? :slight_smile:


Had exactly the same thing at the COVENTRY Depot. Sent a shipment last Friday (11th) on Next Day service with DPD and it was only accepted by the fulfilment centre on Thursday 17th - unable to get a contact number to find out what had happened. 3 days of lost sales…


Ours also out for delivery today (2 boxes). Dreading another ‘special delivery arrangement’ update though still…

Luckily a small shipment for us but I can imagine many have not been so fortunate. Something to bear in mind in future - maybe try to split into smaller shipments if possible

This sort of situation (long wait between sending to receiving) isn’t totally alien to us though. A couple of years ago it always used to take a week or two for them to unpack and check in the shipment once delivered. More recently, it’s been same or next day once delivered


This is sounding more promising then, if several of us have them out.

I’m used to anything up to a week, but this one will be best part of 4 for me if it is finally delivered today. Clearly something has gone wrong here, though I doubt we will ever find out what.


I have 4 parcels in this nightmare, just checked tracking and as of today 18th all say ‘out for delivery’ so all fingers and toes are fully crossed.


We won’t be sending anything to FBA anywhere until this is resolved. Simply unbelievable.