MAN1 - not accepting from UPS


It gets better. I chased up why my parcel has not been returned yet with Interparcel. They say:

"I do apologize, but the destination depot has advised that there is no way they could possibly retrieve the package to return to shipper as this shipment is meant to be delivered to Amazon Fulfillment Centre.

Due to large volumes of packages, they accept our deliveries only on certain set dates and in bulks. At the moment, we are no longer able to get this parcel back to be returned."


It’s a total joke.
Again today.
"Dear UPS Customer,

Thank you for your response. I sincerely apologize for any frustration this situation has caused.

Please be advised that Amazon is a third party company that uses UPS as a courier. They will be the one to provide the information on when they want the parcel to be forwarded. Please be advised that UPS is not working with Amazon.

Again, we recommend that you contact them since they are the shipper and they have an agreement and contract with UPS. This is why we are following their instructions.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Reniel D.
UPS Customer Support"

"Please arrange the delivery with ups, amazon is not rejecting any load if the carrier does not want to deliver to amazon please ask ups to return your parcels and select another carrier to deliver to amazon


Juan M.,
Amazon Network Operations Centre (NOC)"

Both say I have to sort it. Both say I can’t sort it.
I can’t request them to be returned, delivered, or refunded.
UPS says they won’t move until Amazon tell them.
Amazon say it’s not even their job to request this (inexplicably)

Looking like ombudsman or legal action might be the only course of action, does anyone have any advice about that?


Have a look at the UPS tracking for yours - mine has just changed to out for delivery!

" Scheduled Delivery


Estimated Time

by End of Day

Ship To


Shipment Progress

|Current Event|In Transit|18/10/2019 11:41|Manchester, United Kingdom|Destination Scan|


One of mine has changed to “Out for delivery” which is something. Same happened on 24th September as well though so I’m not holding my breath and the others are still in the same special delivery arrangement…


How many parcels do you have outstanding?


2 in this situation.


How many parcels will you be sending to MAN1 in the future? :slight_smile:


Had exactly the same thing at the COVENTRY Depot. Sent a shipment last Friday (11th) on Next Day service with DPD and it was only accepted by the fulfilment centre on Thursday 17th - unable to get a contact number to find out what had happened. 3 days of lost sales…


Ours also out for delivery today (2 boxes). Dreading another ‘special delivery arrangement’ update though still…

Luckily a small shipment for us but I can imagine many have not been so fortunate. Something to bear in mind in future - maybe try to split into smaller shipments if possible

This sort of situation (long wait between sending to receiving) isn’t totally alien to us though. A couple of years ago it always used to take a week or two for them to unpack and check in the shipment once delivered. More recently, it’s been same or next day once delivered


This is sounding more promising then, if several of us have them out.

I’m used to anything up to a week, but this one will be best part of 4 for me if it is finally delivered today. Clearly something has gone wrong here, though I doubt we will ever find out what.


I have 4 parcels in this nightmare, just checked tracking and as of today 18th all say ‘out for delivery’ so all fingers and toes are fully crossed.


We won’t be sending anything to FBA anywhere until this is resolved. Simply unbelievable.


“Case closed” say Amazon.
They’re having a laugh. They don’t even understand the issue whereby they are the customer of UPS and UPS can’t do anything we request of them.
Legal action is looking like the only resolution.


Tracking on all 4 of mine now say delivered. One has even been scanned in and is now available in my inventory.

Hang in there yours is hopefully all on the same truck


Thanks. Too late for us I’m afraid. Amazon are impossible to work with.


The status of ours has today mysteriously changed to delivered, yet only 1 of the parcels in that shipment has been delivered (a few days ago) and the reconcile page still says it hasn’t been delivered.

It’s not even worth asking amazon what’s going on.


I’ve just read through and can see yours is only just showing as delivered. Mine was sent 23rd and got held up but finally showed delivered on the 4th of October and that’s where it’s been sitting ever since. Amazon have told me there are no issues and I just have to be patient.


Mine is showing by UPS as delivered at 9pm last Friday, but it’s still showing as in transit with Amazon. Looks like I have to start a fresh battle to get MAN1 to accept and unpack the shipment now.

We sent this parcel 4 weeks ago today.


Delivered on the 18th, fully received into inventory today

Hopefully not much longer now for everyone else! At least all our stuff hasn’t been lost


Exactly the same for me. I must admit I thought this was going to become my first lost shipment.

Never again MAN1.