MAN1 - not accepting from UPS


No updates at all on mine overnight from UPS or SS. I had a shipment that I sent last Friday checked in at BHX4 and that was it.

I think I’ll give UPS a call today and ask them what the chances are of getting this one returned to me rather than just waiting for Amazon to pull their finger out.


I’ve had enough of this so I’ve asked Interparcel to arrange for it to be returned to me. They seem to think this should be straightforward, so let’s see what happens now …


I’ve been lucky this shipment was only my second ever to Amazon and so only had a handful of units in it. Over 3 weeks since sending and no delivery date scheduled.

In the future, if I was sending say 20 boxes, would the shipping labels automatically split the 20 boxes to go to different FCs? Or should I create 4-5 shipping plans and hope a variety of FCs is assigned?

It’s clear there’s a risk if all of them go to the same FC and issues like this happen again.


UPS have been holding my goods, for a week now, because the FBA centre in Manchester are refusing to take in any deliveries as they at capacity. I’ve been just told to wait. Anyone else had this having this problem?


Please check this related thread where multiple other sellers are reporting the same issue:


I’m in the same boat as you with a shipment sent out on 23 Sep which has been with UPS ever since awaiting the green light from Amazon to deliver it.

I had enough of waiting and opened a case with seller support. After asking my question 4 different ways, I finally got past the cut and paste and unrelated answers to receive this:

"I understand that your concern is regarding the shipment ID: FBAxxxxxxxxx which has not yet been delivered to MAN1.

Upon checking I see that shipment arrival is scheduled to MAN1 on 2019/10/04 01:00 BST - 2019/10/04 01:30 BST "

I’m not quite sure UPS will be up for a delivery at one in the morning, but it’s at least something. No more MAN1 shipments for me.


Mine is still not delivered. I had this early this morning from someone at MAN1:

"We’re accepting this PO every time it shows up on our schedule, it is just not being delivered. Can confirm this through seeing the PO on two separate ISA’s scheduled that;

One of them, the PO was not delivered and was later virtually deleted off as it had never been received at MAN1, the second appointment was a no show and never arrived to site.

MAN1 currently has a very low backlog and can accept this at any point - it is not a MAN1 rejection issue."

I’ve now given up with it and asked UPS to send it back to me, which the tracking has now updated to show (although it is still in Manchester).


We did, but amazon sadly refuse to help, today stating they won’t provide any more support.
Here’s a message today from UPS:

“I have checked the status of your shipment and the system shows that the packages are going to Amazon. Amazon provides UPS with specific delivery slots at their distribution centers in order to better manage and handle incoming package volume. I would recommend reaching out to Amazon to inquire when they want the package to be delivered to their warehouse

And a completely contradictory message today from amazon “support”:

“You will need to enquire with UPS regarding 1ZA1Y4886866202086 and 1ZA1Y4886858537294, as we will not be able to further support. There are daily deliveries going to our warehouses and we are not able to say why this is still showing as ‘In Transit’ on UPS’s system.”

Zero idea what to do.
Have emailed the managers email address who said they were looking into it a week ago, but now support is withdrawn.


as i said before… nothing you can do but sit tight and wait.


It’s shocking isn’t it?

It’s sounding to me like something has gone wrong with some (maybe all) of the UPS shipments to MAN1 from 23 and 24 Sept and they have fallen into a black hole, probably with UPS. I think Amazon are probably inviting their delivery, but UPS aren’t actually attempting it as they can’t find them to deliver.

This will come to a head for me now as I have asked UPS to return my parcel to me. Clearly if they still can’t find it, things are going to fall apart pretty rapidly. Even if it was delivered to Amazon now, I’d be worried something else would go wrong with it as it has been MIA for so long. I’d rather have it back and start again. I’ve had more that 10 other shipments to other centres since this one, all perfect.


Disagree about just waiting as I don’t think anything will happen after all this time without some sort of intervention.


If amazon aren’t going to request they be delivered though, they aren’t going to be delivered according to UPS.

I’ll be keeping on at “support” tbh. They aren’t going to get away with stating “we will not be able to further support”


There is this new policy of " Amazon Duplicate Cases Policy", read up and hope you do not get into trouble about not knowing about it.

We had parcels stuck last year for over 6 weeks around this time of year. It get through in the end. We learn to pace ourselves and send in things in smaller batches over period of time.

Ours sent around the same time got checked in and processed. we did not raise any tickets or chase at all.

just my 2 cents worth


I’m not sure what you mean about duplicate cases. I’ve only got one open.


I agree with Onemore, always keep updating the existing case instead of opening duplicate ones over the same issue.


Well no one is doing that are they? Can we stay on topic please?


I have until they stated this morning “we will not be able to further support”.

This is their issue to resolve. They are the sender and receiver and I’m not going to allow them to just wash their hands of it, whatever “trouble” it may cause.


But you are just reopening the same case each time, yes? Not opening a new one every time?


I opened a new one today with a formal complaint after they said “we will not be able to further support”.


Ah right, my apologies to Onemore and Kika then. I assumed you were just re-opening the same case like me.