MAN1 - not accepting from UPS


Tracking on all 4 of mine now say delivered. One has even been scanned in and is now available in my inventory.

Hang in there yours is hopefully all on the same truck


Thanks. Too late for us I’m afraid. Amazon are impossible to work with.


The status of ours has today mysteriously changed to delivered, yet only 1 of the parcels in that shipment has been delivered (a few days ago) and the reconcile page still says it hasn’t been delivered.

It’s not even worth asking amazon what’s going on.


I’ve just read through and can see yours is only just showing as delivered. Mine was sent 23rd and got held up but finally showed delivered on the 4th of October and that’s where it’s been sitting ever since. Amazon have told me there are no issues and I just have to be patient.


Mine is showing by UPS as delivered at 9pm last Friday, but it’s still showing as in transit with Amazon. Looks like I have to start a fresh battle to get MAN1 to accept and unpack the shipment now.

We sent this parcel 4 weeks ago today.


Delivered on the 18th, fully received into inventory today

Hopefully not much longer now for everyone else! At least all our stuff hasn’t been lost


Exactly the same for me. I must admit I thought this was going to become my first lost shipment.

Never again MAN1.

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