Manage your advertising in a single dashboard


Introducing manager account, a centralised solution for advertisers, agencies and tool providers that manage multiple sponsored ads advertising accounts.

Now you can link accounts, manage user access, and view account-level alerts, insights and performance metrics in a single dashboard.


Effective prioritisation: Easily determine account and campaign prioritisation by sorting and filtering based on your goals.

Improved insights view: View and export all performance metrics (sales, spend, orders, clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC, etc.) in a CSV file for all your linked accounts.

Streamlined billing and payments: Invite your accounts payable team to download invoices, monitor your linked accounts and get notifications for overdue invoices or account suspensions.

Efficient user access management: Invite new users to all your linked accounts at once.

If you operate in multiple locales, you can now link country-specific accounts into a single, regional-based manager account. For example, you can link European accounts for the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, or North American accounts for the US, Canada and Mexico.

Create your first manager account or learn more in our blog post.