Managing.director@, jeff@



Amongst many other things I believe we are owed over £3,000 due to being charged an incorrect fee rate on a particular product and have had a case open with seller support since June with the constant ‘please be patient’ response. I have escalated to our premium support and 2 business development managers with no joy.
I have seen a few references to managing.director@amazon and jeff@amazon in previous posts and I understand it to be an escalation path for issues that remain unresolved. Is this the case and has anybody had any joy going down this path?

Any advice would be appreciated.



I have had mixed joy from the managing director email. It is certainly worth trying to email both email addresses and await an outcome.

On a specific fee issue it was clear to me they had no understanding of how Amazon fees are calculated. They even made an error in the VAT rate - I eventually filed a court claim which I can not disclose anything more.

I have also recently submitted a court claim for approximately £1300 for disputed reimbursements values. and another for £14.23 for a disputed reimbursement value as Amazon tend to not actually investigate anything believing the system is infallible