Marketing Strategies for FBA



Would anyone be willing to share their successful marketing strategies in and out of amazon?

I would assume that a lot of sellers use PPC however does anyone do anything else?

eg Social Media / FB ads / Instagram / tick tok / youtube / influencers/ or anything else?

I appreciate that perhaps some sellers may not wish to discuss their marketing efforts.

Also - do you have your own website as well?


I would imagine, that most that are indeed using social media etc, certainly aren’t directing sales to Amazon, but to their own website.

What you do, will depend very much on what you product is. Some will work better with influencers etc, but not so well on YT and so on.


Thanks Neil - that’s given me soemthing to think about


Thanks for the post @NEil! Wonder which of our sellers worked with influencers…


I work with Influencers and Social Media to help on my Brands. Happy to have a chat and help!


That’s interesting thanks Tecware