Maximum Handling Time?


We needed to update our handling time for Christmas, we had a price and inventory file successfully uploaded (this needs a minimum of 3 columns filled to work). Our listings then all updated to the 20 day dispatch time we’d added.
However 3 days later, as we’re about to end for the break, the dispatch times have reverted back to 2 days. Does anyone have any experience with this? We’re selling custom items on Handmade which are manufactured by ourselves, is there potentially a maximum handling time that 20 days exceeds?


Do your listings have the 'customisation ’ enabled on the listings ? If so, we changed our handing times on all our listings a couple of years back using the bulk upload and the customised products 'disappeared ’ from the catalogue and we had to relist them from scratch

Here’s the help page on the file upload (scroll to bottom)