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I have my first MCF product in my inventory as a test. I have shipped 8 units in and one has fulfilled. Last night I realised that the offer date was current when I saw in the instructions for MCF that the offer date should be in the future.
Do both the sale and offer date need to be in the future if the item is not intended for sale on Amazon or FBA?


If you don’t intend to put a sale, both boxes should be left blank


You cannot complete the listing if these are blank though?


Sale date and offer dates are only if you are creating a sale


I didn’t know you could send in items that you don’t want to sell on amazon, can you?


I did wonder what op would do if all 8 units sold via fba


Yes, you can use MCF, store your products in FBA but not have the items available for sale on Amazon. In fact you can have Amazon store all your stock, use MCF and not sell on Amazon at all.


I’ve learnt something :slight_smile:


Same here …


Me too, I assumed you had to be selling FBA



Scrap what I said about the sale date then too


I can’t find a way of creating the listin without adding dates. I just get big red x’s.


is it the Product Site Launch Date thats under product details?


Only Offer Start Date needs to be in future for MCF inventory. Sale offer date is not needed as you are not running any sale on FBA as your stock is only to fulfil your non-FBA orders. Although this product will be marked as stranded inventory, it has no negative impact to your IPI score as long as you use the product for MCF.


Ah OK…so it won’t get returned to me if it is stranded for too long? This is my first dalliance with MCF so I sent in some low value items to test the system. I have some more items that are listed on Amz but I can’t sell them so will send these in if it goes well.


Out of curiosity where do you advertise them ebay, etsy, website etc ?
Are you finding for low cost items its the speed and reliability over cost verses your own courier ?


Yes, that’s right. Inventory stranded for MCF reasons does not subject to Automatic Removal.

The following stranded reasons are not subject to required removals at this time:

  • Future listing sell date
  • Under hazmat review


Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:

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