MCF to FBM allowed?


So here is the situation. One of my item is in Fulfillment center.
Amazon has at least three listing of the same product.
I split my inventory into 2 listings, on one listing I am almost Out of stock and other is not moving at all.
Can I list the the product as FBM on the listing which is selling and use MCF to fulfil that order from my my inventory in FC.


As far as I know, it’s not against the rules to do so. But it will be expensive if you do, as you will basically pay commission twice. The MCF fee is more expensive than the FBA fee.


It is a possible solution but MCF shipping starts from £3.31+VAT so make sure you take that into account.


You mean the referral fee commission twice? Does Amazon charge referral fee on MCF as well?
or you mean FBA + commission = MCF fee?


You could try ask SS to merge the listing pages if they are the exact same product, technically only one should exist. However I am not sure how this affects the ranking.

FBM commission + MCF* fee

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