MCF Tracking is appalling


I’ve been trialling MCF or a couple of months and it’s OK except the tracking, literally ‘delivered’ plus a time.
No name, no GPS, no pic, nothing I can use when customers query delivery on other channels. Apparently SS are unable to talk to Amazon Logistics so are unable to obtain any more information. Are we all in the same boat?


Is this using Swiship which Amazon recommend?
<<Enter the tracking number provided when the order is shipped and get the latest updates. The site provides tracking information for all MCF orders, regardless of carrier.>>

Amazon Logistics tracking information is also available on Swiship


Is there an alternative tracking method? This is an example of all I can see for a delivered MCF order:
1 item delivered

November 28th


Carrier Amazon Logistics
Tracking QB0158262661


November 28
6:03 pm Delivered Bere Alston, GB
11:15 am Out for delivery Plymouth, GB
5:06 am Package arrived at the final delivery station Plymouth, GB
12:50 am Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier


You can try sometimes will show more info but is hit and miss.

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