MCF Very slow dispatch times?


According to the MCF website “For orders submitted against on hand inventory (i.e. inventory that is received and stowed in a fulfilment centre), both Standard and Expedited orders will ship at the latest within 1 working day.”

However, when I was processing the order manually it said standard wouldn’t be dispatched until 22nd September yet the items are in stock in FBA and showing as available?

Is this expected?


I’ve just started using MCF on the basis that they will send parcels out in 1 day. I’ve have plenty that are taking 4,5,6 or even 7 days. it’s a complete shambles, with the usual Amazon support. Is this typical of MCF orders or are they going through a bad batch?

It’s time to ditch them and send them out myself.


Mine generally go out within 24 hours, had one odd one last week that was 5 days but I send quite a lot and have had no issues apart from that one


Yep I had high hopes for Amazon MCF but looks like we’ll need to move to a different provider. Amazon just does not provide what they promise.

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