Medical books with big profits!


Hey there,

I recently scanned this massive set of job lot medical books from my local thrift store but the only thing is that all of them have sales ranks at the lowest of 3 million and the highest is 11 million…now on all of them Amazon is selling them New for at least 100 pounds each or more, 90 percent of this job lot is sealed so I dunno if I should take the plunge as they are all about 10 pounds each and I could be burned?



You wont be able to sell as new


Why If most are sealed?


Because you are not buying them from an authorised supplier so won’t have valid invoices to prove to Amazon that they are new.

Also, it has been known for used media to be resealed.


11 million in my cat would be about 1 sale every10 years :joy:


Are they the same editions as the ones amazon have


Yes, they are indeed. I have cross referenced them all and they are really thick heavy medical books that are mostly sealed and Amazon is selling them for at least 100 quid each. I’m in two minds about it because the lowest sales rank is 3 million and the highest is 11 million with most being 6 or 8 million.I think maybe the reason they are at that sales rank is because not a lot of people have them so I have a weird feeling that if I put them on the medical profession would jump on them…


Not being critical but on the forum somebody always explains the " rules "

The reality is that there are more sellers on Amazon breaking the " rules " than there are following them. There are more bad sellers on Amazon than good ones. A while back I sold a sealed retro video game on eBay, we had an message exchange about all sorts of things and I told him my item was genuine and I could see that virtually every other seller on eBay was not selling the rare genuine item I had, plenty were re-sealed. He got a bargain and wanted to buy more stuff from me and I told him I sold on Amazon. The customer told me that he would not buy on Amazon anymore because of too many bad experiences, and now he only bought on eBay, which I thought would be the place for dodge sellers. However, after personally making a few purchases during lockdown from Amazon, realising I was buying from rogue sellers, and seeing what other sellers in my category are up to, and how they operate, I am more cynical than ever.

A typical listing I am on, used I might add, might have 5 new sellers. Of those, 3 have a resealing machine and are passing off used stuff as new, and badly, because I have been personally stung. One sources all their stock through retail arbitrage, I know who he is from somewhere other than Amazon because I used to be on a collectors forum with him, probably not older than 25 and according to companies house is turning over over 200,000 a year from a bedroom, and the final one buys all their stock from eBay ( and I know, because I managed to find their buying account ). You can throw in Lopez and a random American dropshipper if you like.

Not a SINGLE seller on plenty of listings is selling a new item sourced through a wholesaler with an invoice to prove it. Not one.

The reality is despite all the rules, the vast majority of sellers are not abiding by them … The scales have fallen from my eyes, I’m actually staring to think what a fool I have been to be an honest law abiding seller … sorry !


Do it if you want.

But you won’t make a " quick buck ". I estimate it will take you around 10 years to sell the majority of them, and some you will never sell, you’ll probably end up bring back to a " thrift shop ".


I recently had an original version of a Johnny Thunders book listed on here, I think the lowest other offering was around 60, even listing it as low as 15 in the end it didn’t sell. Just because something is listed at a certain price doesn’t mean it is getting sold for that price.

Having said that, I did once sell a lot of medical books at a boot sale outside a hospital, all bought by the same doctor, but I had got them for free!


WOW, I had no idea this goes on…I guess everything I have bought from Amazon or Ebay that was sealed has been a lie by a majority of sellers…oh my goodness. How are you able to spot these fakes so I know which ones to return and leave negative feedback for in order to fight back a little?