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We are trying to set up our previously stopped advertising campaign but on the campaign page there is this message.

" Payment failure

We were unable to successfully charge you for an outstanding balance in your account. At this time your ads are no longer being shown on Amazon and will not be shown until this problem is corrected. You can retry these payments immediately or edit your payment method and retry. You may need to:

  • Switch to a different payment method
  • Choose an alternate credit card from your account
  • Enter a new card
  • Contact your bank about your card

Been and try to do AMAZON suggested method as below.

Go to Settings > Account Info.
In the payment information section, click Charge Methods for Advertising.
Select your desired payment method and enter the required information.
Click Change to save the information or Cancel to discard changes and return to Account Information page.

On Charge Methods for Advertising section there is just a plain page with titles as below.

Payment methods - Payment settings Promotion credits

When try to click the payment method there is no change or no other option is available.

Can someone please help.

Thank you in advance.


Please help, We cannot figure out how to resolve this problem


Sorry for the delay in replying but the changes you were making can take up to 72 hrs to apply.

Were you successful in sorting out a valid payment method?
The blank screen and lack of options for you, could be because only the Seller Central primary account user (the user whose email address was used to create the account) can update the advertising payment method. Invited secondary users cannot update the payment method.

There are also some more pointers here and an option to change your payment method to have charges deducted from your seller account.

Hope this helps.


This has happened to me before and changing the card is the worst thing you can do as it may take 72 hours to verify. Create a business critical case and tell them to recharge the card. The time it happened to me was a technical glitch with Amazon over the payment capture, they quickly re-charged the card and the ads went live again. You could switch the payment method to the selling account so it is deducted at source from earnings.

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