Migrating listings for PAN EU - any tips?



I need to create listings for my ASINs in all European markets (except UK) in preparation for PAN EU. Does anyone have any tips on how to do so? I don’t have issues with the translations, but rather the process of adding them to Amazon.

I am the brand owner and have A+ content on my listings. Do I have to do each ASIN in each marketplace manually? Or is there a simpler way?

Also will my SKUs carry over the product photos from the UK listings? Or will I have to start the entire thing from scratch 4 times…?



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Yes, :rofl:
The easiest way is to use the Build International Listings Tool (pro accounts only) and make a connection from your source MP to the other target EU marketplaces, then all your offers will automatically be transfered across but only if that ASIN already exists on the target marketplaces.
If they don’t already exist, you will have to create a new product detail page in the local language yourself.


Thanks for getting back to me :smile:

No the ASINs don’t exist on any non-UK marketplaces…sadly. So I’ll have to build each one from scratch 4 times over?


'fraid so, unless there have been any recent improvements that have not been announced.