Missing FBA Shipment to MAN1


I sent a shipment to Amazon MAN1 on the 23rd of September, it took a while to get there. From reading a couple of other threads there was an issue as the FC was full.
My shipment has been showing delivered since the 4th of October and no update since, the stock hasn’t been added to inventory.
I’ve contacted seller support and keep getting a generic, “when you items are checked in they will be added to inventory”, My concern is they never will as the box may be lost.
I’ve asked them 3 times to clarify when they class a shipment as lost and how I can claim etc but I am getting nowhere. The reconcile tab says ineligible for investigation until box checked in.
I completely understand its busy, but how long do I sit and wait?


If the shipment never gets marked as checked in, I would advise you to escalate the matter by e-mailing the Managing Director ad managingdirector@amazon.co.uk and if nothing works, the last resort would be taking Amazon to the Small Claims Court over the lost stock.


Hi did you resolve this? I have the same problem. My shipment was received and part of it was sent to another distribution centre but doesn’t appear to have been processed.


No it hasn’t.
I have been told it was being received on the 3rd Nov, when that didn’t happen it was the 6th, now its the 11th. Seller support are offering no real help in resolving, I just keep getting another date to wait until. They won’t investigate until its been checked in?!