Missing FBA Stock


Sent 50 units
(Box 1 - Qty 16)
(Box 2 - Qty 17)
(Box 3 - Qty 17)

According to UPS all 3 boxes have been delivered.

Only 7 units have shown up in stock at FBA?

How do you speak to someone at Amazon about missing stock?


Do you have the option to reconcile on the shipment ?



Not sure what you mean?


Go to the shipment and click on it , go to the contents tab and it will say - this shipment is eligible for investigation on x date


And just how long has the shipment been in receiving? If it’s only just started, it can take a while for all units to actually be received.


Hi Neil

They have had the parcels for a week or so.

Only 7 were put in to stock which is strange as they were boxed in;

(Box 1 - Qty 16)
(Box 2 - Qty 17)
(Box 3 - Qty 17)


they are probably still unloading then
did you check the reconcile date ? its usually a month or so after delivery


Hello @Thompson_Electrical,

On the below help page you can find more infomration on Reconcile Your Shipment.



Hi Nickolas

Thanks for the link.

So we sent 50 units

(Box 1 - Qty 16)
(Box 2 - Qty 17)
(Box 3 - Qty 17)

You have booked in 8 units
42 are Discrepancy

How is it possible to have 42 unit in discrepancy? when all 50 were sent with the same barcode on?


Did you check the reconcile date


Hi Thompson,

When you go onto Inventory > Shipments.

Does the shipment your look at look like this?

Or does it look like this?

and if it looks like the first picture… and you go into the shipment onto the contents page, does the item look like this?


or this?



Top picture


Investigation complete and closed - no option to reconcile?!

Can you screenshot it


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You’ll need to get the BOL from UPS and open a case with SS and if no joy there, escalate to MD


i see they are quite small, by any chance did you have these in a plastic bag packed in sets of 5 or 6? expecting them to be opened on amazons side for them to scan?


They are individually packed.
Size wise they are around 150mm diameter


Individually labelled - loose in the box ?


(Box 1 - Qty 16)
(Box 2 - Qty 17)
(Box 3 - Qty 17)


Yes Individually labelled loose in the box