Missing images causing suppression


Worse is the parent and child listing being transferred to another site, like .DE, etc… Images just don’t transfer to child…


This seems to be a quality issue as more and more images are being picked up by the Bots. It looks like a busy time ahead replacing hundreds, possibly thousands of images that do not match Amazon standards.


I noticed a lot of our products are suppressed due to this image issue now, as if we haven’t enough to contend with! All our product images are from the brand owners/manufacturer’s catalogue and it seems just to be random. As with variations 1 can be suppressed and the rest fine, I have attempted re-uploading but some still say suppressed so figure I ll be wasting my time. I tried doing a search on google (in a private browser/ separate PC, as if I was a customer) the items display and the photos do plus the option to buy the product so obviously another Amazon bug!


The Netherlands made changes when they went live that affected a mass of the images. Despite reporting this on both the seller and buyer side, Amazon has refused to acknowledge the problem as a systems implementation error on the Dutch side that needed to be reversed as it should only have affected their site images and not the other sites.

So as far as Amazon are concerned it is not an issue apparently - despite Dutch text appearing on many blank images on the English language sites so all customers can see there is a system error !!!

From past feedback from support, I believe the other images that were there are not held at the “amazon” level as such and so unless the Dutch implemenation was / is reversed out it would seem this cannot be rectified (unless the setting is a flag on the Dutch side saying “affect all sites or Dutch only” or similar which, I suspect, it is not !

Pretty shoddy as I reported it the very first day it appeared within an hour of seeing the first half a dozen and every day for the next week !!

Catalogue management at the moment seems to have fallen apart, no doubt hampered even more now by the virus impacts !


Thanks for the useful info. I didn’t know you could add an image to description tab or offer tab. I also don’t see where this can be done. can you please share how to do that?


See my photo in response 8. It is the offer and images tab, not description tab.


Just checked my suppressed listings too, and spotted 7 of them suppressed for no reason (working up until yesterday fine). Hopefully seller support will correct these as they meet amazon standards. Thanks for the heads up on this.


Yes, I’ve just found one too this morning. It’s possible there’s a technical glitch but it’s not likely to be fixed any time in a hurry. I’ve just uploaded new images in accordance with what I suggested earlier.


Seller support responded to me within 13 minutes saying they’ve lifted the suppression from all my affected listings, but to allow up to 72 hours to take effect. Hopefully will be quicker than that but appears to be problem solved.


Good news that they have sorted yours! Don’t suppose you could share whatever magic words you said to get them to do it? In my case they have referred to an internal team, which I usually find means “forget about for a couple of weeks and then come back with nothing helpful”


No magic - just sent them the following message…probably just luck of the draw which rep receives your case…

Hi - we have noticed a number of our products appear to be incorrectly suppressed due to image issues, but we do not think there are any actual issues. This appears to be a common problem at the moment according to amazon sellers’ forum?

Affected ASINs are:


Thanks, I’ll give them a little longer and maybe open another case.

So far, it’s only out of stock and slow(ish) sellers that are affected on the UK site. EU sites are a different set of items but, while EU sales are important, they are all over the place at the moment anyway.

Big worry is that next time I check one or more of my important products in amongst them


Ours has remedied just with redoing the images again.


Thats very usefull info I offer an unwanted gift service and had wondered why when searching for comparative prices on Amazon a totally different jigsaw pops up. I had put it down to people stealing barcodes off another jigsaw.


So, uploaded the same image as before I take it?


Yes, exactly the same image.


So, here’s an interesting thing - read through to find the odd bit. I have a couple of offers that are suppressed for poor images, the first now has no image as it was removed (I presume by Amazon) and the other is actually a duplicate (Don’t go there, it’s not the subject of this thread) with a clearly non compliant image. Neither of these listings were created by me however I will probably now attempt to improve both the images and descriptions.

The interesting bit is that I have just received a confirmed order for one of the suppressed items! Just to be clear, the item is suppressed rather than just a quality alert.



I’ve notice this too and it is also very difficult to get SS to change them to the correct image once you upload it. I often have to reply 2 or 3 times. Typical of the way Amazon behaves though.


Think I’ve discovered a work around for this. Seems, in my case at least, that only the main image is the issue. I can fix them by taking the following steps

  • replace main image with a totally different new image (can’t be the same image as before). I’ve been using an mage from a different product which is 2100 x 2100 pixels
  • The listing should be un-suppressed almost immediately (seconds to a couple of minutes) and the new image should appear on the product page within a few minutes, The inventory page in SC may show the new image or may still show “no image” placeholder
  • Once your listing is working again you can then re-upload the original correct image.
  • It might take a while before it shows on the product page (hours). Press control F5 to refresh or load the page in an incognito tab to be sure you’re not seeing a cached version
  • It takes even longer before it shows correctly in the inventory but it will eventually.

Worked for all 6 that I’ve tried so far. Did a couple yesterday and so far they haven’t become suppressed again but time will tell. They shouldn’t be as all images are within Amazon specificaitons


Well, I didn’t get around to doing anything with mine and they all came back on their own - go figure that one!