Missing Items - FBA Selling


Hi there

I have been selling for just over a month now, mainly books and retail arbitrage. Mostly it’s going smoothly however I have a couple of issues and can’t seem to get an answer from support.

Firstly - The warehouse has damaged a few items, I understand they pay you back the average rate or whatever, however I have just noticed two books were reimbursed at £2.61 one - One which was selling for £14.99 and the other for £24.99 and that wasn’t high compared to other listings, is there anything I can do here, seems crazy?

Secondly, every time I send a box, there seems to be at least one item that just never shows up - ie I send 15 books but only 14 of them show in my inventory. I sent a list of the items to support and they just sent me a link to stranded inventory, nothing shows up in there? Do I have to just accept these products are now missing and I am out of pocket here?

Thanks for the help in advance.


I think that you answered your own question. The amount you receive back as a compensation depends on multiple factors but usually it’s the average price for which the product was sold by other sellers, unless you are able to proive some kind of proof of value in a form of invoices, for example.

This happens a lot. You will need to reconcile the shipment and request Amazon to investigate.