Missing Products


i sent products by FBA over one moth and some of the items are showing inactive and the rest showing active. i had contacts selling central asking the for the reason why the items are inactive and i was told to click Mark ship which i did and products still showing inactive. anyone with similar experience?


Yes we had a shipment go in with most items received and active straight away but another item sat as delivered for 2 weeks before finally receiving


I have the same problem going on with FBA Missing products. I have many of my products showing Out of stock or inactive on my Store page. Meanwhile, I have shipped a lot of same products to the FBA FULFILMENT CENTRE. I don’t know what is going on over there, anyway
don’t give up keep pushing for Answers.


I called seller support this morning regarding my missing items. I am loosing sales.


If you look at your inventory report are they in fc transfer?

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