Missing Reimbursement payment


Hi ,

I have received the monies for the products that I have sold apart from the one item! I am still waiting to be paid!
In the past two months, I have been sending messages upon massages about this to the seller support team but the team is so incompetent that they reply back the my messages like they have copied and pasted it from their script screen! Can someone advise please


Have you checked reports - payments - transaction view


Hi ,

It is showing 0.64p instead of £40 (expected amount) which causes a great deal of confusion to me! I’m an individual seller so no one can phone me to explain all this. On the disbursement status, this particular one shows; started with exclamation mark. View summary in that category is not available. The rest of the shipments/orders which have been paid to me don’t have this.


64p total balance or 64p for a £40 order ?

Are you saying that you have received a lesser amount expected for 1 specific order ?

Or is your account balance less than expected in which case have you checked for refunds, advertising, storage fees etc


I have received £40 for the same item I sold. After the fees, the payment should be £40 and not 0.64!


Go to reports - payments - transaction view and find the order
Click on the total amount in blue and it will show the breakdown of fees
Screenshot it here

Your title says its a reimbursement though therefore, was it sold or was it lost or refunded ?