Missing Shipment - Delivered over 6 weeks ago to CDG7


We sent 20 shipments to CDG7 (France) on 12 October with UPS. All showed as delivered with PoDs on 15 October. 19 of the 20 boxes were received went live within a few days. One did not, it still shows as receiving (zero units received out of 36) now 44 days later.

It won’t let me reconcile and it says I cannot do this until the stock has been received. I really don’t want to lose 540.00 EUR worth of stock but I seem to be going around in circles. Has anyone had anything like this happen and what did you do?


Hi Aroha!

Thanks for using Seller Forums. Did you open the case with Seller Support? I know that it sounds like a standard response but they will be able to contact the appropriate team and find out what happened to your shipment.

Please do keep us updated when you hear back from them.



@Maja_Amazon It won’t let me open a case, that’s the biggest part of the problem!

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