Mod, your system is glitched please HELP! We are desperate with the Seller Support


Our listing is inactive and we have been notified to submit documents for an account review.

The Seller support gave us a link:

However, we have tried to click on the button in the link but the same page just refreshed itself.
We have also tried on the different PC/laptop/browsers and clearing cache/cookies but all in vain.

After opening 5 or 6 cases, the support always replies with the same link and ask us to submit the documents. It seems they don’t understand the button in the link just doesn’t work.

I attach a google drive link of the video to demonstrate the issue here.

Youtube link:

If any mods around, please help us fix your glitch. We don’t even know what documents to be submitted since your page is not accessible at all!

Thank you for any mods following on our case.