Monitor your account health with new Account Health page features


Yes, I got that one wrong, wishful thinking, it is 4 for every 200 orders, so a fairly long way to 1,000


the AH new policy page states that ‘New Sellers’ will start on 200 - not ‘all sellers at migration to the new settings’
seems unfair if older sellers who have always maintained perfect account health are put back to square one with New Sellers ?!


It doesn’t really make any difference whether you are new or old, if you are saying that older sellers should have more points, why? Unless you have violations it makes no difference and there is no benefit to having more points other than to maintain them and get immunity from deactivation, the only benefit to having more points would be to be able to have more policy violations without being deactivated and if you have none and do not intend to get any, it is pretty much irrelevant how many points you have.


Because a 10 year old business with no violations - ever , should be a safer bet than a brand new account

If they are bringing in a new points based system ranging from 0 to 1000 - with automatic suspension at 100 or less , in my opinion a 10 year old business with no violations, selling currently, should start at 1000


Yes, but the point is why would you want to have a buffer for more violations so it is a longer way down to 120 with multiple violations.

I understand that it looks better to have 1,000 out of 1,000 but it really makes no difference in the way that it works.

I thought the same when it first came in, but if you have no violations and you resolve any that come in, what does it matter?


I think the point I am trying to understand is its a scale 0 to 1000
100 and under is instant suspension,
101 to 250 is between at risk and safe
250 to 1000 is safe and amazon are ‘willing to work with you’ if anything happens

101 to 199 is at risk and yet all sellers are going to placed at 200 ?!

It will therefore matter if you get an a-z or neg feedback etc straight away

If you are a low volume seller therefore not benefiting from those extra 4 points every 6 months, how is it fair if you are ‘awarded’ 200 points out of a possible 1000
Just look at all the booksellers for example who have received ridiculous violations for DR who etc and will be a bag of nerves if they are constantly just 1 point over at risk all the time


@anon39168486 Thanks for the info. Do pricing policy violations knock any points off?



Hi, it has nothing to do with A-Z claims or feedback, it is simply about policy violations whether they are of no impact, high, very high or critical, if they are critical you will be suspended with immediate effect and funds held for a minimum of 3 months regardless of points, some intellectual property violations are high and repeat offenses are classed as very high, however, the most important thing to remember is that if you address the issues and work to remove them, they will go away and have no affect on the account.

Both A-Z and feedback are dealt with on the left of the page and if your defect rate goes over 1% then you will be at risk, however, you are always given a grace period and then a phone call from an AHS expert who will discuss the situation and if required you will be asked for a plan of action to reduce the defect rate and to be honest Amazon do not want to deactivate your account and if you have valid reasons for the high defect rate and can make realistic proposals to reduce it, then no action will be taken and you will be allowed to work to reduce the defect rate and sell through it.

So the new AHR deals only with policy violations and if you are a decent and honest seller and get any violations that are not your fault or a genuine mistake, then you can resolve them and maintain your account health.

My genuine opinion of this new system is that it is very good, because the main purpose of it is to weed out the bad actors or those who do not care about their accounts and rack up defects and do not address them, or those who deliberately flaunt the law and break Amazon policies and do not care. Anyone who cares about their account and cares about policies will have nothing to worry about.

Apparently, globally, third party sellers accounted for 58% of the Amazon business in the third quarter of 2022, so Amazon want decent and honest third party sellers and want to get rid of those who either don’t care or are up to no good.

This new policy actually works to help sellers and if you are doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about.


The trouble with the current system is that no matter how much time you spend addressing the issues and attempting to remove them there are always loads of problems where you hit a brick wall as they’re just impossible to resolve - Amazon’s support team seem to have absolutely no interest in helping sellers to resolve these issues. I’m guessing this is still going to the case


Hello BigWhite Rabbit1,

You wrote:

“if you are a decent and honest seller and get any violations that are not your fault or a genuine mistake, then you can resolve them and maintain your account health”

I sell used books and have (generally) one of each title in stock. I list by ISBN against existing Amazon page listings.

Recently a book I listed a couple of years ago was subject to a Received Intellectual Property Complaint and so I deleted the product and listing

As far as I can tell, someone decided that the cover illustration belonged to someone other than the Publisher.

I listed against the ISBN on an Amazon Product Page but suddenly I have a black mark for 6 months.

I’ve made 3 appeals based on the Intellectual Property Complaint notice and they’ve all been rejected

If I write to the Publisher, as suggested, (and they notice) they are unlikely to rescind the notice… and I have 1 copy of the £2 book - there seems no other way of removing the Intellectual Property Complaint

I am am honest seller and listed the book honestly at a time when it was considerede a valid listing, but a change, somewhere, has left me with this Complaint

Please can you tell me what I should do to remove it, and ensure that none of my other listings are suddenly, unexpectedly, marked as VERBOTEN!

Thank you for your help, knowledge and experience,



It seems that people need to go to the policy violation page and click next to it and you will see that the options have changed, you now have an option to remove the violations by clicking and accepting them and if you do that they will be removed and that is a fact.


Hello BWR1

Sorry to be dim, but is this the page you mean?

If so, I can only submit new information, which is another appeal

Thanks for your help



Not on the UK site yet they haven’t

I understand how the system works however, as you can see from this forum, there are many, many sellers who ‘care’ about their accounts and still face unfair violations
And that’s my point, the likes of @Brian2 who has a violation for something he did not deliberately do, is going to potentially loose his account if they start him on 200 points - 1 off ‘at risk’ with a pending violation

I know in the grand scheme of things the new way is possibly better - especially when weeding out the bad apples as you say, I just find it hard to believe that they are starting all sellers out on a level playing field - new sellers as well as 15 year + sellers on 200 points - 1 off Account At Risk status

I was hoping that it was as stated - New Sellers start on 200 - the rest of us start with a figure which actually represents the fact that most of us have kept our accounts clean for over 10 years. Preferably 1000 as that should represent a nice, clean, healthy account


If you click that it should bring you into a page with tick boxes and if you tick them all and accept it, it will remove the violation, if it is a ‘suspected’ violation then delete the item first, if the boxes do not appear when you click ‘submit new information’ it might be that the listing is still in the inventory, take another look and see, it should work, it has for me.


What page do you get when you click ‘submit new information’ ? Have you deleted the item from your inventory?

I do not have any left, so I can’t show the page in a screenshot.


Hello BWR1

As said, Submit New Information only allows me to make yet another appeal - which requires one of the following:
– A letter of authorization (LOA) or licensing agreement (LA) directly from the rights owner
– An invoice from the rights owner.
– A retraction from the rights owner to be sent to Amazon directly.
– An invoice from an EEA-based supplier or UK-based supplier

So, no tick boxes…

I’m not going to get 1 or 3 from the Rights Owner when they think they’re right and it’s a waste of time and effort to try for one £2 book

As it’s a used item I’m not going to have invoices from Rights owners or their representatives - these rules are for sellers of multiples of new items - not single examples of used!

But I’m suddenly penalised for following Az rules, because things suddenly change

It’s obviously different in the US - we’ll have to see what happens in the UK…

Thanks for trying to help



I am talking to AHS at the moment and if I have any update I will let you know, the system is new and may not have been implemented in all areas, but the policy is defined by Amazon and should work.


Here or in US as according to the announcement its not actually been rolled out here yet in uk
Let’s hope it’s not another VTR rollout :roll_eyes:

May I ask from starting on 200, what points you are on now and how long it took ?


To get to a 1,000 you have to fulfil 40,000 orders…this assumes you start on 200 and get 4 points for each 200 orders despatched.

I believe it is just for 180 day period. Assuming FBA orders are taken into account I should manage to get to a 1,000

It would be useful to have confirmation FBA orders are taken into account. I believe they would be but the wording is slightly ambiguous.