Monitor your account health with new Account Health page features


Hi, I am on 384 on the U.S account at the moment with no violations. I think that they learned a lot from the U.S rollout, so hopefully it will not be too bad.


Yes it does say orders that you fulfil


Flip that on its head and the question becomes, why even bother having the system go up to 1000 from Amazon’s point of view.

The having a scoring system is to quantify reliability and trustworthiness of the business in Amazon’s eyes; businesses that have already been doing that should have that reflected in their scores. If they don’t, then the system is pointless.


Precisely - why have 200 to 1000 as ‘healthy’ when only the mega sellers can reach 1000 (if it doesn’t include fba sales)
And why start all old , healthy accounts 1 point above the at risk level?!

I’m hoping here in the UK that they do actually mean ‘new sellers’ are starting on 200 and not all sellers


Did the rollout in the US happen to everyone overnight or did it happen over a time period?


Surely existing sales would be calculated when rolled out, i.e. previous sales for the past 180 days would give you your initial score? New sellers start on 200 as no existing sales. That’s how VTR worked when rolled out.


Yes, it happened overnight and I started with 20 points and it dropped to 10 points and the account was deactivated within 10 days of the red flag and seller support or AHS had no remedy for it at that time, so unless they changed it, any account with policy violations will be in the red from day one.

Maybe Amazon would like to come on and clarify the latest position?


Can’t disgree with that.


how many violations did you have ?


I think there were 12, the products had been deleted as seller support had said that if they were deleted that they would not affect the account health and would be removed after 180 days, when the new system came in they did affect the health and the listings could not be edited, relisted or changed in any way so nothing could be done.


ah yes unfortunately, deleting an asin does not remove the violation


Hi All,

If existing Sellers also start with 200 points, anyone with any violations immediately drops below the 199 threshold and is ‘at risk’ or worse.

If their business volume is insufficient to gain points, they will remain ‘at risk’ for the rest of their defects’ 6 months, until the defect drops off their record, or they have another violation and are suspended…

Unless the system includes ‘accepting the defect’ as described by BWR1… and then we’re acceptng that we have violated Amazon’s policies, whether we did, or not, which is not a good situation to be in…

This reminds me of the VTR implimentation which, if applied rigorously could have resulted in huge numbers of Sellers being suspended…

Let us see what the rules are going to be and when they will be implimented!,

All Best


PS I’ve also had ‘defects’ that were reversed months later as they were in error, so withdrawn points would have to be ‘refundable’ (and so would suspension if it was a contributory factor?)


Here is a statement of Amazon Global Policy after I asked Amazon if there had been a change to policy:

“There has been no change to the policy, in-line with the global policy change as of the 22nd November 2022 whereby any “potential trademark logo misuse” violation will be removed when an associated listing has been deleted”

I think that is very clear in relation to the suspected policy violations.


It’s often the case here in UK that ‘suspected’ ip infringements can be removed if you delete the asin but never for ‘reported’ violations


Appealing suspected violations with the tick boxes mentioned above by BigWhiteRabbit1 is definitely live on the UK site as we just had one. Image above of the two tick boxes, it then does get removed from “Suspected Intellectual Property Violations” within a few minutes.

As usual this was a product we sold once years ago.


But not for reported violations


I assume they will still want invoices etc for those


Or retractions from brand owners


That is it exactly, should be a big help for those violations for products that we never created or had any part in, just listed against them, this is good news for honest sellers.


There is a different page for ‘reported’ violations that has 5 tick boxes and as long as you accept the violation and agree to read the policies and not do it again, it will go away, of course the issue here is that very often the intellectual property companies are wrong and even with evidence they do not reply and you get stuck with the violation, this would appear to be another option to get rid of them, of course multiple repeat violations will still cause an issue as everything is monitored, but as a short term measure to protect the account health rating, it works.

I still believe that Amazon want to protect the honest seller and if there are legitimate reasons that stack up they do not want to see third party sellers removed if they have actually done nothing wrong and sometimes the ‘Dolphin’ effect is at play where the honest sellers are being caught up in the net with the bad actors when they shouldn’t be there.