Multi Channel Fulfilment (MCF) Orders


Hi, is anyone else suffering severe delays with Amazon shipping MCF orders? My oldest is around 5 days late now. I haven’t seen any updates from Amz about a delay on this particular service and I’m sure if other sellers are experiencing similar delays it’s impact them in a big way?
I’d be interested to hear anyone’s else’s experiences of the last few days.

Many thanks


Fulfilling orders from other sales platforms will definitely take a backseat and not be Amazon’s main priority throughout this crisis.
Unfortunately, longer lead times are inevitable for the foreseeable. We will all have to be more patient and understanding, buyers and sellers alike.


I’m interested in anyone with first hand experience. I understand everyone will have thoughts on this subject.


My FBA sales have collapsed to almost zero,delivery date is now 25th April for most of my stock.
Any sales I have are all subsequently cancelled.


All my MCF orders are pulling delivery times of around 3-4 weeks. I sell clothing which isn’t classed as essential. I don’t expect this to change very quickly. Is it possible for you to ship product yourself from your non-Amazon channels?


Thanks for the info, unfortunately fulfilling stock from elsewhere isn’t an option. I had one item shipped after 3 days, one after 5 days and others that have been over 8 days. I guess it depends on the FC. Thanks for your comments.


Yes, understood for FBA, and we’ve been aware of that. But I’d not had any communication of delays with MCF when the orders were placed, although there is a banner there now regarding covid.