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I have a question regarding Multi-Channel Fulfilment Order fees. Here is the thing.
I received an email from Amazon UK on 19/10 saying that

"To help you avoid storage fees for unsold products and create room for more productive inventory, we are waiving inventory removal fees for a limited time in UK fulfilment centres.

_Fees will be waived for all removals that are submitted between October 7, 2020, and 11:59 pm (CET) on October 31, 2020. We recommend that you to take action on the following inventory:"

I thought it would be a great idea to tidy up some of my old stock and have it shipped home as the inventory removal fees would be waived.
Since this happened, I have been charged £100 for Multi-channel fulfilment order fees.

Please can someone inform me if there is a link between this £100 fee and the Multi-Channel Fulfilment order? Because if so, why is Amazon sending an email about no fees but then charge the fees. I have tried looking this up on the seller central app without any luck.

Many thanks


You have confused two different things. MCF is for sending items to buyers who have bought your items away from Amazon’s website - for example your own website, Ebay etc. Amazon then charge you for the shipping.

A removal order is exactly that - either having the items returned to you, or disposed of if you choose that option. That is what is currently free.


Hello Demel

Many thanks for your response, really appreciate it. So am I paying for the shipping as well from Amazon even though I sell via FBA? I do apologise if I’m sounding thick but I have never been charged fees like this before. Is this then something that happens once every year or?

Again, thank you very much for you help.


FBA fees are split (mainly) into two - the fulfilment fee, which is based on the dimensions of your items, then the referral fee which is a percentage of the price of your items.

When you use MCF, you pay the fulfilment fee part, but not the referral fee as the sale didn’t come from Amazon. MCF fees may vary slightly from the regular fulfilment fees but I’ve never looked them up.

When you created your MCF orders, you basically told Amazon “i’ve sold these items somewhere other than Amazon, please ship the items to my buyer”. That’s why they’ve charged you.

If you had created a removal order you would’ve gotten if for free due the current promotion.


To be clear, you used the wrong method to get your stock back - it has nothing to do with the time of year.


The fulfilment fee includes the cost of shipping to the customer

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