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Hello everyone,
after 2 months of selling with FBA I m looking to expand my business through my own website. I want to use the multi channel fulfilment but I have some questions.
How can I calculate the shipping fees that customers will pay? For example I store my products in a UK Amazon warehouse. If a costumer from Sweden buy my product for 35gbp from my eshop, how much will I charge him for the shipping cost?


See the below link, it contains the rate cards.


The shipping rates are determined based on your product’s dimensions and weight, which are entered in each product listing.

Before doing MCF, you should ensure that everything is correct to prevent being charged excessive amounts.


My product is standard size and under 6kg. As I can see the standard cross boarder shipment for other eu country is 11.60gbp.
So in this rates are included the shipping costs?


The best option would be to check in Manager Inventory > Create Fullfilment Order for your desired product and enter the shipping address and Amazon will give you the shippment estimate. This is excluding 20% VAT.


I check it and I see that the only charge is 11.60. So I assume this is for pick & pack + shipping to customer.


That’s correct. This is the total cost you will pay for the fulfillment of the MCF order.


just to add, that is per item charge… so even if you got an order for 2 of the same item, you will be charged multiple of the single price (ie, 23.20). there is no discount for quantity shipping. There is also a single charge for per order as well, far as I remember but best is create a multiple items order then you can see the cost clearly.


I have the same concern about the FBA fee for MCF orders. I am not sure I correctly understand so please try to give more details. Are you sure about that? When you ship multiple items, will be charged multiple of the single price? Nobody does that. I mean every carrier charge based on weight and dimensions. If I ship one TV from China and the shipping is 100 GBP, then I ship 100, the shipping cost is not 10000 GBP. Will put all in a container and shipping cost will be 2000 GBP. I think this is the way logistics works. Considering that, in the FBA fee there is also shipping cost. When you add multiple items in a shipment, shouldn’t be charged as multiple of price. Did anyone actually do MCF orders with FBA? Is this actually the way they charge? I am not challenging anyone here. I just need to get more info as for me sounds insane and unfair.


This is the case. someone will come along with the link in a min. Amazon warehouse, Amazon rule. If you don’t agree with the price, don’t do MCF orders.

Even with FBA, quite often we will have multiple of same item in the same order, we still charge the multiple fullfillment fee. If we were doing FBM, we will save on postage but not when it is FBA.


I tried to create a fulfilment order from seller central and indeed they charge the fee for every item in the order.


That’s the way it works because:

  • they still need to pick the items and pack the items
  • if the items are in different locations then Amazon can’t put them all in the same shipment to the customer
  • some items can’t be put into a single shipment even if they are at the same location (e.g. Amazon will send large TVs separately rather than bundling them)
  • the FBA rates Amazon charge take into account that they’ll sometimes have bulk orders where they can combine two or more products into a single shipment.

In your example that is how general shipping works, but there’s not usually an easy way to get get a container to its destination within 48 hours, whereas it’s possible by sending them individually with a courier.


and to add…

Tesco profit not from selling Food :wink:

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