Multi- Channel Fulfilment - tax, payments and more


hello fellow Amazon sellers,

We’re working on setting up e-commerce platform and we plan to use Amazon for storage and shipment, but we do not plan on selling on Amazon, but on our own website. Where our web team is working on API integration with Amazon, we’re still trying to understand few thing, and I hope you could help us.

  • Are we allowed to use VAT services if we plan on selling on our own website, or is there a better solution we could use for MCF?
  • If we plan on selling on our own website do we need to create our own payment gate, or should the payment go through Amazon?


If you are literally only using Amazon for other channel fulfilment, then the VAT services don’t apply.
You can use an Amazon payment solution, but there are far better ones out there.
But the same also applies to fulfilment services, there are a hell of a lot of other companies doing it, so have you actually thought to take a look at them? Far cheaper overall.
Even Royal Mail has one.

It just seems like an expensive way to go, when your hardly actually using Amazon’s services.


This is not a sensible approach in my personal opinion, having had the experience with dispatching goods to customers outside of Amazon. Amazon haven’t built their services for a focus on despatching outside of their marketplace.

There are many ways of handling VAT on other platforms and plugging these into other third party accountancy software.