Multi-Country Inventory - SKU's & Inventory Pool Info


I cant seem to find this info anywhere regarding Multi-Country Inventory. If anyone can please help or point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.

Im registered for VAT in the UK and Germany.

I currently store all my inventory in Amazon FBA UK which is used to fulfil all my orders made on the amazon UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain platforms.

I now want to have my inventory stored in both the UK and Germany to save on cross border fees, faster delivery to german customers etc.

I activated Multi-Country Inventory for Germany (only) on my settings a few months ago thinking that amazon would share the inventory between the UK and Germany.

But nothing ever got sent there.

So I presume for this to work i need to send some stock to Amazon UK FBA and some stock to amazon Germany FBA.

If this is the case do i now need to create a different SKU for the same product? a SKU for the German market place and one for the UK?

If the same SKU can be used will the inventory I send to Germany stay in Germany or is there a chance amazon may share it with the uk inventory when needed?

There is really no clear information on this anywhere. Ive read through all the documentation amazon provide on it and it seems to not mention anything about this.

Hope someone can help.



For MCI you have to manage your inventory placement by country yourself. With Pan EU Amazon manages it on your behalf, but it requires VAT registration in 6-7 countries.

Some of the help files do look a bit out of date though.


And would you have any idea of how the SKU’s would work in this situation.

Do i create a new SKU under the same ASIN for stock that i send to germany.

Many Thanks


The help files make it look like when you go to send inventory there should be an option as to which country it gets sent to. I only keep my stock in the UK so can’t see that option. Then again, the help information could be very out of date.

  1. Go to your Manage FBA Inventory page.
  2. Tick the checkbox next to the products you want to send/replenish and click Go .
  3. Click on the drop-down menu under Marketplace destination and select the country that you want to enable under the Dispatch to and enable storage in: section.