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From yesterday we started receiving the message “a value is required for fulfillment center id field” when uploading inventory. We only upload inventory for MFN products so the fulfillment center is our own warehouse, does anyone know what value should be uploaded for this?




I’m seeing the same error via Feeds API. I also can’t upload the same file via Seller Central.

Did you manage to find out what the column header and data it wants are ?



Hey Anglozone, I’d found that too - but we’re getting the error “Warning The fulfillment-center-id field heading is invalid, so values in this field were ignored” if we now try and add it in. Sadly, then followed by the error description “A value is required for the “fulfillment_center_id” field”.

This error only started yesterday and I can’t find any reference to relevant changes to the POST_FLAT_FILE_PRICEANDQUANTITYONLY_UPDATE_DATA feeds call.

I’m getting the same error via seller central if I try and upload too.

Feels like a problem at Amazon’s end, but no idea where we get in touch with them about it. I’m not going to waste my time with SS.


Have you tried the US forum, they have a dedicated board?


Getting this exact issue as of this morning. Also MWS only, and trying to add the column gives the invalid header warning.

Seems to be an issue with the type of feed used - uploading manually as an inventory loader file works, but as a price/inv file gives the same issue.


I solved it by adding in the ‘fulfillment-channel’ column and passing it a value of ‘default’.

So the start of my array to build out the TSV is :


This will then solve the spurious column message.


Funny, that was the exact thing I was about to try :slight_smile: Will update if/when this resolves things.

Having checked the requirements for the price-inv files (which i’m guessing the api is auto recognizing the file as)

fulfillment-channel is optional but clearly without it the api is now assuming it’s amazon, and therefore requiring fulfillment-center-id, which isn’t part of the price-inv file spec, and so throwing errors if you add this.

fun times.


Mark sure you’re calling ‘FeedType=POST_FLAT_FILE_PRICEANDQUANTITYONLY_UPDATE_DATA’ and it’ll work perfectly.

Good luck !


Ok depending on feedfile (and whether it’s a pure price/inv feed or something with additional columns), having either fulfillment-channel, fulfillment-center-id or fulfillment_center_id with a value of “default” works.

We’re using AMTU which pushes flat files via whatever feet type it determines is appropriate, so we had a combination of both issues. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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