My account has been suspended


Hello furnichehouse/FurNiche House,

Your Amazon seller account has been deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you but will be held in your account while we work with you to address this issue. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.

Why is this happening?
Your Amazon seller account has been deactivated in accordance with section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement. This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.

What happens if my account is not reactivated?
You have 90 days after receiving this notification to either provide a valid appeal or choose not to appeal. After that time, you may contact to request your funds. We will conduct a separate investigation to evaluate your account. The policies we put in place are to protect our customers and selling partners. If we find that you have engaged in deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity; or have abused our systems or repeatedly violated our Policies, we may withhold some or all funds in your account.

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.
Seller Performance Team


Presumably there was a prior notification to which you responded with info?
Can you post that notification and let us know what info you sent Amazon?


Duplicate OP has already got a thread going…



This thread is being closed as it is a duplicate. Please do not post the same issue multiple times on the forum. You can refer to the thread linked by @anglozone.


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