My account is desactivate


My account has now been verified, however the account status is still showing as suspended.
Please let me know what i need to do in order to activate my account. I have open different cases and the status show answered by amazon, but no email received. I don’t know where to see their answer. No phone number that i can called. This is frustating for me.

Please help me


Unfortunately, what you are experiencing appears to be a very common issue as many sellers are reporting on the forum every day having their Seller Account still in a suspended status following a successful appeal or verification.

There is no phone support available for suspended sellers where they can call.

So I would advise you to e-mail the Seller Performance at requesting them to activate your account and include a screenshot of the notice which you received, advising you that the account was successfully verified.


Hi Kika,
Thank you for your help. I will send them an email right now.
I hope they will reply.