My Amazon Pay Account get Blocked about over 1% A - Z Rules


I use Amazon pay first all is ok by a new Account then come the Company Check up and after almost 2 Month ( is still in Checking and no new Email from Amazon ) get my Account Blocked for using Amazon pay about 8% A - Z Rules self when i give Tracking Data and show that the Orders Arrive my Customer what have Order in my Onlineshop.

This is really a bad Joke from Amazon my Customers get back Monez i lose mz Product and my Money and get punishment from Amazon Pay. Come on Amazon you need really to think about your A - Z Ruels and what is with the Amazon Pay Team after 2 Months still not can use Amazon Pay about Check up all Company Data. I have send all Data 5 Times to Amazon Pay Team but no Response and 890 Euro Stuck now in Amazon Pay what i not can use for my Business.

I Need help now !!


Still no Answere from Amazon Support ggggrrrrr :rage::rage::rage:

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