My Appeal is not being reviewed by anyone


I am a new seller and made some mistakes in the appeal process. I’ll explain what happened in detail:

At first I did not understand the reason for my suspension. I used my first two appeals to request more information as to why I had been suspended. No luck, for both of these I recieved back a generic response letter. Since I had no way to know what I was suspended for I wrote an appeal based on my best guess about what the suspension was for. Since I guessed incorrectlyt obviously this also failed. I did this another time thinking that I now had figured out the reason for my suspension but I had not. Again this appeal failed.

I then found out that you could request for support with appeals and an got an amazon support member to call me. The issue was an honest mistake as a new seller and now that I understood the reason for the suspension I wrote an appropriate appeal which properly addresses the issue. The problem now though is that my appeals are not being reviewed.

After a week of the no response I requested another call with amazon support to ask what was going on. The support staff member told me that I hadn’t submitted another appeal!?! I told her that I had. She told me to try submitting an appeal though the open case method to amazon support and I did that.

At the time I thought perhaps I had submitted my appeal incorrectly. However it has now been over a month since any response to my appeals. I am sure that my account must have been blacklisted or something because of the first few bad appeals that I had sent. So now that my last appeal actually addresses the issue, noone will review it.

What can I do at this point? Its a very straightforward problem. I made a few bad appeal attempts because I was naive. I’ve now learnt what I should have done and wrote a good appeal but it won’t be reviewed. If I could just speak to someone on the phone I could explain, but my amazon support cases are being closed often without responses, and when I do get responses the person clearly hasnt understood the issue and has given a useless response. I’ve asked specifically to speak to someone on the phone in one case and this was just closed without a response.

What can I do? I have just invested a lot of money to design my own product and amazon was supposed to be how I launch my business. Now I am worried I will lose my account over such a silly trivial mistake. I did mess up by naively sending in my first few appeals but the way amazon is making it impossible to get a response just seems so unprofessional. It’s not fair


Hi what was your suspension for is it just for been a new seller and looking to verify documents?


You will have to post on here the suspension notice that Amazon sent you and your last appeal you submitted. This is the only way to see what you were suspended for and what your response has been so far